GSN Review: 6 O’Clock London Dry & Brunel Gins

Artisanal British gin brand 6 O’clock Gin recently announced the launch of its products in the U.S. Hailing from Bristol, England, the craft gins will initially be available in select cities in Florida and Georgia, soon followed by other states.

The American launch of the craft spirits maker comes just over two years after a group of Tampa-based investors and self-described gin nerds fell in love with them during a visit to family-run artisan spirits maker Bramley & Gage and decided to introduce the small-batch gins to the U.S.

“We’d literally traveled the world in search of exciting new gins, and when we tasted these, we knew we had to share them with fellow Americans,” said Daniel Martinez, director of 6 O’clock Gin U.S. operations. Among 6 O’clock’s products now available in the U.S. are its flagship London Dry, Brunel, Damson and Sloe gins.

One of the original pioneers of the U.K. gin boom back in 2010, family-owned craft gin brand, 6 O’clock Gin maintains its long-held family tradition of enjoying a gin and tonic cocktail at six o’clock, a very British custom, still enjoyed at the distillery and shared by gin-lovers all over the world.

GSN’s Thoughts: The London Dry style has a more citrus forward approach than juniper, making it lightly sweeter and not as bracing as one might expect. The other botanicals play a mellow role overall, with a short time on the stage. We like the smooth, easy approach of this gin which makes it ideal for a G&T, as well as most gin and fruit-centric cocktails. The other sample we were sent for review is the Brunel. Quite unique and with an exotic overtone, it features additional botanicals recalling spices from the Indian continent. There’s a subtle spice and smokiness which is absolutely captivating. A gin that is excellent as a sipper on it’s own, but also makes a killer Martinez.
GSN Ratings
London Dry: A-
Brunel: A+

6 O’clock’s Sloe, London Dry, Damson and Brunel gins are available nationally to the public on Cask Cartel: 

For more information go to: 6 O’Clock Gin

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