GSN Review: Koita Plant-based Milks

Koita Foods recently announced the roll out of its premium, Italian, plant-based milk line to grocery retailers across the U.S. Koita’s plant-based, creamy, shelf-stable milks are grown, produced and packed in Italy. The milks are made with ingredients grown in the Italian Alps, which boasts one of the purest soils in the world. 

Koita plant-based milks are available in six mouthwatering flavors: Organic Almond, Oat, Soy, Soy for Coffee, Rice and Organic Coconut. The main ingredients are ethically sourced in Italy, with the exception of the coconuts, which come from Thailand. All flavors are non-dairy, vegan, non-GMO and free of nasty additives. Koita’s milks are produced in Italian factories that follow strict cleanliness guidelines.

Nearly all of the products are shelf stable for 12 months at room temperature  – the Organic Coconut for 10 months – because they are steam-treated using an innovative process that retains taste and extends shelf-life. Koita is sustainable, with TetraPak packaging that is recyclable and shipments that arrive by sea to ensure a lower carbon footprint.

The full line of Koita plant-based milks is now available online at, with the Organic Almond and Soy flavors each currently ranked as the #1 new release in those categories. Koita Foods has launched distribution in the Northeast this fall.

“Koita’s U.S. launch is really a dream come true for me. After successfully growing my company abroad, I am beyond excited to bring our plant-based milks back home to the U.S.,” said Koita Foods’ Founder Mustafa Koita, who was born in New Jersey and grew up in Chicago. “I bet you’re thinking … why the U.S.? There are loads of competitors and plant-based milks are everywhere. You aren’t wrong and that’s what I thought, too – at first. But it turns out people truly love the taste of our Italian-grown milks.”

GSN’s Thoughts: These are great for use in several holiday cocktails including spiked hot chocolate, homemade egg nog, milk punch, Coquitos or even White Russians. The fact that they are so shelf stable, makes them a real winner at home. All of the flavors are excellent and have a mouthfeel similar to cow’s milk. We’ve been using them this month for a variety of beverages. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Koita

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