GSN Review: Suntory ALL-FREE

In 2010, Suntory launched ALL-FREE in Japan. Made at the Tokyo-Musashino Brewery, this innovative beverage boasts 0.00% alcohol, 0 calories, and no sugar—captivating Japanese beer lovers and leading Japan’s beer-like beverage market. Tokyo-Musashino Brewery is the heart of Suntory’s brewing legacy, and has been since opening in 1963. The company began as a wine maker in 1899 and since has grown into a world-class distiller and brewer.

Suntory tested over 400 recipes before landing on the right one that offered satisfying beer flavor that was crisp and refreshing. Even today the company continues experimenting and tweaking the process for the ultimate drinking experience. Suntory is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and when producing ALL-FREE, the company uses innovative production methods and carefully selected ingredients to provide ultimate enjoyment.

Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, enforced by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), an “alcoholic beverage” contains not less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. ALL-FREE contains 0.00% alcohol by volume and is alcohol-free. Truly unique.

Suntory ALL-FREE (0.00% alcohol)
GSN’s Thoughts: After trying about a dozen non-alcoholic beers (usually containing 0.5% ABV), we thought we knew what to expect with Suntory ALL-FREE. We were pleasantly surprised. This is a nicely carbonated beverage that really tastes like a very light beer. And in the case of some light lager-style beers we’ve had recently, Suntory tastes better. A light maltiness and very light hops character is apparent. It’s refreshing, hydrating and no pesky hangover to worry about. We recommend ALL-FREE to those who will be partaking of the upcoming marathon called Dry January. Plus, it really comes close to an authentic beer taste.
GSN Rating: A-

To order, go to: Amazon

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