GSN Review: SelvaRey Rums

Boutique rum SelvaRey has revealed new packaging, branding and a global campaign. Behind the scenes, musician Bruno Mars has been guiding the process for years, redesigning every aspect of the brand. The new package is now rolling out in high-end retailers, restaurants, and resorts across the U.S. and Asia.

“I tried the rum years ago and loved it. It tasted like tropical luxury, like I was on vacation,” said Mars. “So we started working together, bouncing ideas about how we could show people how this drink makes you feel. Took some years and a lot of piña coladas but, dare I say, we did it.”

Distilled in the jungles of Latin America, SelvaRey (which loosely translates to “King of the Jungle”) quickly won favor with spirit enthusiasts, landing in Michelin-starred restaurants and catching the attention of the multifaceted Mars. Bruno was instantly inspired by the quality and flavor of the rums. He connected with SelvaRey’s founders and after developing a close relationship, he offered to complement their amazing liquid with his creative vision.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world who could have nailed this all so perfectly the way he did,” added co-founder Seth Gold. “We set out to push the boundaries of the rum category. And Bruno’s taken it to the next level, creating a full-blown world of tropical luxury.”

With additional new expressions slated to roll out in the coming months, along with ad campaigns spanning the globe, Bruno and SelvaRey expect to make 2021 a breakthrough year for rum worldwide.

SelvaRey White Rum (80 proof) & SelvaRey Chocolate Rum (70 proof)
GSN’s Thoughts: Both of the rums are clean and bright, with the chocolate having a natural and dessert-like flavor. The white rum is certainly less sweet and has more character than a lot of typical young rums. Somewhat dry, it has a smooth and laid back flavor, making it ideal for mixing with liquid partners such as coconut water, cola or simple syrup and lime juice. The chocolate is a real treat with a festive party flavor. A perfect sipper served neat, this also can make for some very intriguing tiki forward beverages. If that’s too much work for you, add an ounce to your next coffee. Both rums are well done and the new bottle designs make for a great talking point.
GSN Rating: White Rum: A-, Chocolate Rum: A+

For more information go to: SelvaRey

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