GSN Review: Harridan Handcrafted Vodka

har·ri·dan |herəd(ə)n
n. a bossy, and/or belligerent old woman

Harridan Vodka is a female-founded, female-owned brand. They champion those who lobby for equality, and commit to policies that promote it for all, regardless of gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, or biological sex. They are not just advocating for traditional, binarily-defined “women,” but for all of those with defiant hearts.

They are committed to seeking out, championing, accommodating, and welcoming a diverse group of people as both our consumers and as our employees. From sustainability to labor practices, they understand that they are a part of a global community and that their decisions as a company have an impact beyond ourselves.

Distilled in New York from locally sourced ingredients, Harridan is 88.8 proof, made from organic corn, and made with the sense of craftsmanship usually reserved for whiskey or tequila. Founder and CEO of Harridan, Bridgette Taylor worked with Joe Myer of the Myer farm located in Ovid NY. The final product is organic and gluten-free made with ingredients grown by fifth-generation farmers. With their appreciation of craftmanship, the spirit is bottled in handblown recycled glass crafted by artisans in Mexico.

GSN’s Thoughts: The spirit is unusual for a vodka, in that it has a lot of flavor and character. Less minerality than most, but an almost caramel/toffee-like character that hints at a slight sweetness. The body is round, velvety, and warming. The bottle is definitely striking and beautiful and makes a fitting vessel for a spirit that has some kinship to agave spirits.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Harridan

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