GSN Review: Precision Botanical CBD Gummies & Tincture

Colorado-based Precision Botanical entered the market in 2019 as the only “Science First” CBD brand created by a team of U.S.-based neuroscientists, chemists and toxicologists. Precision Botanical products come from its own Oregon hemp farm and uses a commercial-level proprietary extraction of hemp oil that’s in the patent process. All products are third-party audited and certified for potency and purity.

Approximately 45% of the top 10 CBD brands’ products contain THC and third-party testing reveals that the top selling products are on average tested for fewer than 20 contaminants. In comparison, Precision Botanical tests all of its source material as well as finished products for more than 400 contaminants. This ensures Precision Botanical products are 99% pure, with accurate concentrations in each product and all are made with pharmaceutical-level precision. All of its products carry Clean Label Project Purity and THC-Free Certification.

Precision Botanical CBD products include its Soothe line. These topicals provide mess-free application and each one easily fits into a daily regimen. They contain functional, natural ingredients and were created for athletes by athletes. Other product lines offered by Precision Botanical include its Calm, Renew, Alert and Sleep lines of creams, tinctures, capsules, gummies and energy shots.

GSN was sent a sample of the CBD gummies, and a bottle of the Calm tincture.

GSN’s Thoughts: As with most CBD products, the experiences vary from person to person. We were one of the first to try CBD oil when it became available years ago, and so we will review the flavors of these products as opposed to their efficacy. The Calm tincture has a mostly neutral flavor, which is a huge bonus for those who have issues with the typical bitterness found in the majority of CBD oils. The base is safflower oil and that is the major takeaway here. The tincture can easily be added to a cocktail for an extra bit of relaxation without altering the overall character of the drink. The CBD gummies have a slightly tart lemon flavor which is quite good and you could easily consume the small bag in one sitting, but we don’t recommend it. These gummies can also be used as a cocktail garnish skewered on a cocktail pick and enjoyed at the end of the drink. Overall, both of these products are recommended for use in mixology for those looking to try something new. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Precision Botanical

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