GSN Review: Tia Maria Coffee Frappe

Since its launch in 1950, Tia Maria has been a favorite for coffee liqueur lovers around the world and was used in the first Espresso Martini recipe, created in London in 1983. Tia Maria has also launched a new ready-to-drink cocktail featuring a cold brew method and nitro technology.

The nitro technology is an innovative system that creates a velvety foam when the can is first opened to ensure the maximum product quality, consistency and a multisensory experience for the consumer. Once opened, the nitro technology instantly creates the frappé foam. At 4% ABV, made with coffee, Tia Maria, and a hint of milk, this is the ideal choice for taking a break at home or when on the go.

Bringing to life Tia Maria’s one of a kind personality, the new packaging has been created in collaboration with famed street artist, Karski, from the Netherlands. Karski adds, “I’m extremely happy that Tia Maria identifies its branding with my vibrant works of art. This ready-to-drink can has a unique appearance with its abstract design and ‘one of a kind’ colors.”

GSN’s Remarks: Not too sweet, these new low ABV RTD’s make a great brunch pick-me-up or an after dinner treat. We especially like the nitro foam which adds a bit of pizzazz to the presentation. Overall, very well balanced, tasty and a great addition to the ever growing category of cocktails in a can. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tia Maria

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