GSN Review: 6 O’Clock Sloe and Damson Gins

GSN has reviewed two of 6 O’clock Gin’s releases already, but we were really looking forward to trying their two fruit gins. For those of you who have only had bottom shelf sloe gin, both of these will be a revelation.

In order to craft these expressions, the distillery’s flagship 6 O’clock London Dry Gin was aged on the fruit for at least six months; whereas accepted practice is to leave it for a few months. Master distiller, Edward Kain, who has been making Sloe Gin for over 30 years, explains: “the longer you leave it, the more colour and flavour is extracted from the sloes. I knew if the gin was left on the sloes for a very long time it would eventually start to oxidise. During this oxidisation process the Sloe Gin would darken and lose all its tartness, becoming ‘lush’ like a vintage tawny port – rich, mellow and full of flavour. We are delighted with the final tasting!”

Their second fruit gin was formerly known as Bramley & Gage Damson Gin, and is made with 6 O’Clock Gin and damsons grown in the English counties of Cumbria, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. 

GSN’s Remarks: The sloe gin is deeply rich, with a viscous entry and a lovely dark berry flavor. It does indeed remind us of a fine port. There is a lively bright and fresh fruit flavor that is both refreshing and summery. An absolute perfect sipper in a brandy snifter. Don’t waste this on a cheap cocktail. The damson gin has a darker and more peppery character, almost prickly on the tongue. The overall character is of a spicy sangria. Really quite unusual and unique amongst gins. This is a great spirit to use in tiki-styled libations or as a float on top of a New York Sour. Overall, both of these gins are excellent and are benchmarks for the category. GSN Ratings: Sloe Gin A+, Damson Gin A+

For more information go to: 6 O’Clock Gin

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