GSN Review: Dubliner Irish Whiskies

Distilled in the heart of the Liberties District of Dublin, Dubliner Whiskey isn’t changing what’s inside the bottle. Rather, the brand has debuted a new logo and bottle design that forgoes traditional packaging in favor of an updated contemporary look and feel.

Created by an all-Irish team, Dubliner Whiskey’s new branding and marketing speaks to the new Dublin – a city undergoing a revival spearheaded by Millennials and younger creatives – the next generation of whiskey connoisseurs.  

“As Irish Whiskey continues its growth as the powerhouse category in the US, we wanted to stand out from the crowd with a new eye-catching look” says Martin Peters – QBNA Brand Director. He adds, “the new Dubliner packaging represents not only an attitude and style that reflects our liquid but also connects with what today’s contemporary Dublin is all about, allowing us to reach not only the traditional Whiskey consumer, but other younger imbibers as well —unlocking a whole new consumer base.”

GSN’s Remarks: The Bourbon Cask is simple, with a light maltiness and more caramel than cask. A mixing whiskey that can also work as a simple shot. The subtleties of an Irish are barely there. The Whiskey Liqueur is much more interesting, even though it is a 60 proof spirit. It’s sweeter, more engaging and works quite well as a straight sipper. Again, it’s fairly simple, but the addition of a sweet edge brings it closer to a pre-made cocktail. GSN Ratings: Bourbon Cask B, Whiskey Liqueur B+

For more information go to: The DLD

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