GSN Review: Casa Mexico Tequila

Casa México recently unveiled a new logo and branding for its line of tequila. Casa México chose to partner with Savvy Studio, a design studio based in both New York City and Mexico City, to create a new brand identity. The design studio was chosen as it shares a similar U.S.-Mexico background as the Casa México brand and brings a deep understanding of Mexican culture and respect for its heritage. 

The new brand identity is a modern take on traditional Mexican aesthetics and was inspired by vintage labels, signage, and packaging from Mexico. The colors chosen were inspired by the hues of the tequila itself and the artwork was created by modernizing some ancient Mexican forms, typefaces, and figures. Additionally, the use of Mexican historical typefaces paired with Art Deco-styled patterns lends a totally unique, playful, and young look for the spirits. 

Casa México is a small-batch, premium tequila company founded by Mexican-American beverage industry pioneer Eric “Don Buccio” Buccio. Passionate tequila connoisseurs actor Mario Lopez and famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya joined Casa México as partners after being introduced to the tequila. As Mexican-Americans, Lopez and De La Hoya support the commitment to family tradition and further Buccio’s mission to celebrate their collective Mexican heritage through Casa México.

GSN’s Remarks: Lightly sweet, fresh agave forward flavor greets you upon the first sip. Really clean, and at the same time rich with vegetal coloration. The flavor has elements of mint, marshmallow, mild black pepper and slight oak. Really well done, and a great tequila for mixing, shots or enjoying with a meal. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Casa Mexico Tequila

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