GSN Review: Fishers Island Lemonade

Fishers Island Lemonade, a pioneer in the ready to drink category and one of the first craft cocktail brands in a can, recently announced the launch of four new offerings: Spiked Tea, Pink Flamingo, Fizz and Spirit Pops. This introduction marks the first-ever line extension released since the original brand was launched by Bronya Shillo in 2014. Fishers Island Lemonade is one of the only canned craft cocktail brands made with a dual-spirits base, combining premium vodka, barrel-aged whiskey, lemon and honey. Each of the new spiked lemonade offerings uses the original Fishers Island Lemonade recipe as the foundation for each varietal:

  • Fishers Island 100% Spiked, 9% ABV: A slightly tart and refreshing Arnold Palmer. The whiskey adds some depth of character and some sweetness. But overall, this leans more towards an unsweetened RTD. GSN Rating: B
  • Fishers Island Spiked Tea, 7% ABV: A somewhat fruity entry, but with a tannic black tea flavor overall. Very easy going. You might want to add a touch of your choice of sweetener. GSN Rating: B
  • Fishers Island Pink Flamingo, 7% ABV: This blend combines the original vodka and barrel-aged whiskey spiked lemonade with real cranberry. All the edges are smoothed out by the addition of cranberry. This is by far our favorite and more like a punch. Really nice over ice on a blazing hot day. GSN Rating: A
  • Fishers Island Fizz, 5% ABV: If you’re drawn to hard seltzers, this is right up your alley. Plus, the fairly low ABV, makes it more sessionable than the uncarbonated RTDs. Simple, but effective. GSN Rating: B-
  • Fishers Island Frozen Spirit Pops, 7% ABV: Made with vodka, barrel-aged whiskey, lemon, and honey. A fun, adult popsicle that is great around the pool. Plus, we like the idea that you can carry these around and not worry about things getting spilled. A clever idea that tastes great! GSN Rating: B+

The recipe for the original Fishers Island Lemonade was inspired by the signature house cocktail, the “FIL”, which was served at The Pequot Inn which Bronya’s family owned and operated on Fishers Island, NY.  It was there that Bronya had the idea to package the Fishers Island Lemonade cocktail and put it in a can.

For more information go to: FI Lemonade

One thought on “GSN Review: Fishers Island Lemonade

  1. It is good to know that Fishers Island Lemonade is launching four new products. The amazing part is that each of the new spiked lemonade offerings uses the original Fishers Island Lemonade recipe.

    Fishers Island Frozen Spirit Pops must be particularly amazing. Thank you very much for the article.

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