GSN Review: Carolans Cold Brew

Carolans Irish Cream, recently launched Carolans Cold Brew. With a foundational flavor of Irish Whiskey blended with farm fresh cream and naturally harvested honey, Carolans Cold Brew offers a new flavor experience on its own, over ice, mixed in coffee or in a cocktail. One in four consumers mixes Irish Cream with coffee, according to Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, and the Cold Brew beverage category itself is growing at double digits. Carolans Cold Brew also builds on the success of Carolans Salted Caramel as the second line extension to the family.

GSN’s Remarks: We actually prefer this over the flagship Carolans for two reasons. The coffee tempers the overall sweetness of the liqueur, and it also has a slightly bitter tinge which makes it less like a dessert in a glass and more like a mixed drink. CCB tastes better very cold, and will stand up to dilution if served on the rocks. At only 17% ABV, this could be a new brunch favorite. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Carolans

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