GSN Review: Detroit City Distillery’s Summer Rum

Detroit City Distillery (DCD), an independent craft distiller of small-batch artisanal spirits, has brought back its limited-edition spirit, Summer Rum, made in collaboration with some of Detroit’s best bartenders. As the name suggests, Summer Rum is only available for the summer and will be available until Labor Day weekend at the Distillery, local bars and liquor stores.

Summer Rum is a blend of rums from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and the U.S. Virgin Islands and is distilled from sugar cane. Local bartenders from Standby, The Skip, Grey Ghost, Second Best, Kiesling, Takoi and the Monarch Club helped blend this rum, making it a spirit that is uniquely-Detroit.

“Everyone in the bar industry is anticipating the return of The Roaring Twenties and expecting a summer for the ages. When we made Summer Rum in collaboration with some of our favorite bartenders, we called it ‘Detroit’s industry love letter to rum.’ This year, that message has new meaning, because we all survived one hell of a year. We hope this rum is the celebratory drink of many and customers will support our hospitality workers like never before.”, shares Detroit City Distillery Co-Owner Michael Forsynth.

GSN’s Remarks: A quite flavorful rum with notes of vanilla, grassiness, cane juice, papaya, caramel and allspice. The body has some build to it, making it great for white rum forward cocktails, but also on its own as a lovely sipper. We are impressed with the skill of the blending and the high quality of the distillations. There is not one wrong note played in this symphony of rum. Do yourself a favor and buy a case. It won’t last long over the 2021 post-Covid “Roaring Twenties” summer to come. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Detroit City Distillery

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