GSN Review: Vessel Eclipse Vape Kit

Vessel is a community-led company that uplifts the cannabis consumption experience with its luxury accessories including a high-end line of vape pen batteries and dry-herb accessories made with premium materials and finishes. Vessel bases its principles on what matters most: the people and the planet – not solely profits. With performance and style, their new Eclipse Kit is tailormade for the dry herb purist. The complete set comes in a zippered case & includes:

  • Air one-hitter: Vessel’s take on the classic one-hitter chillum, the Air is tapered like a pre-roll and is handcrafted with a sandblasted, smoked glass finish. Chillums are straight, conical one-hitter pipes that have a channel connected from one end to the other. They have been used since the 18th century by Indian Hindu monks.
  • Basin jar: This compact, small and waterproof stash jar is made of aluminum with an anodized finish and can hold up to 4g of dried herb.
  • Carbon lighter: A functional work-of-art featuring an inverted design with an angled flame port for use right side up, or upside down. High-performance butane sold separately.
  • Drift case: An on-the-go personal carry for your Air, Basin, and Carbon. The Eclipse kit also comes with an Air cleaning brush. 

GSN’s Remarks: This is a beautifully made and classy set that is perfect for traveling or a day out. What we especially like is the compact and easy to carry case which is designed specifically for the three pieces. Vessel has been in business for nearly three years and have several smoking related products available. They know what they’re doing and have been a leader in the industry with their streamlined designs and affordable smoking supplies. If you’re thinking of making a modest investment to see what it’s all about, we recommend the Eclipse Kit. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Vessel Brand

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