GSN Review: SelvaRey Coconut Rum

On the heels of new chart-topping music, and a foray into fashion, and just in time for summer and rum season, Bruno Mars  launched SelvaRey Coconut. Made from a two-year-aged rum, infused with coconut essence.

“Rum is really synonymous with joy. Anyone holding a good rum cocktail is exactly where they want to be,” says Mars. “That’s what I wanted people to feel with this campaign. Who wouldn’t be happy with a SelvaRey Piña Colada in their hand?”

SelvaRey also debuted the first installment of its new campaign, aptly titled Tropical Luxury, Wherever You Are. Mars’ fellow brand owners and long-time collaborators – Anderson .Paak of Silk Sonic, Grammy Award-winning songwriter James Fauntleroy, and Oscar and Grammy Award-winning producer D’Mile – all contributed to the campaign. Mars directs and stars in the flagship video together with .Paak, while Fauntleroy provides the vocals for the jingle. The spot is currently live on YouTube with additional content slated to run throughout the summer.

GSN’s Remarks: Looking for a less sweet and more rum forward coconut rum? Look no further. We’ve reviewed SelvaRey rums before and they are excellent. This latest iteration continues that tradition with a logical tropical bent. The coconut comes through loud and clear, but there is a light touch with the sugar, making this a semi-dry rum. We’ve been enjoying it straight on the rocks, with cola, and in the old standby, the iconic Pina Colada. Very well done. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: SelvaRey

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