GSN Review: ZYR Vodka

Zyr starts with naturally filtered water from Russia’s North West, not far from the Finnish border. The water is then filtered five times in preparation for its marriage to the fermented blend of blend of Russian non-GMO winter wheat and rye. After five distillations of Zyr’s mash, Zyr is filtered four more times using birch tree charcoal granules to remove any remaining impurities and round out the taste. The procedures used for Zyr are based on the work of Dmitry Mendeleev, Russia’s famous son of science and creator of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Zyr also undergoes three distinct tastings: the grain alcohol blend is tasted for flavor, the water for texture and the final Zyr for consistency against prior batches. These inspections ensure that Zyr is a perfect vodka in taste, texture, weight and color.

GSN’s Thoughts: One of the smoothest vodkas we’ve ever had. Crisp, clean, with a round mouthfeel and a marshmallow essence. Excellent on its own, this will make a killer Kangaroo cocktail (vodka martini). We especially like the body, which has some heft, but also the minerality which adds some bright high notes. Very well done, and one of the finest Russian vodkas currently available. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: ZYR Vodka

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