GSN Review: Disaronno Velvet White Russian

Disaronno and Russian Standard recently announced a new partnership culminating in a cocktail, the Velvet White Russian. The Velvet White Russian is a unique twist on the popular “Big Lebowski” drink, combining 1 part Disaronno Velvet, 1 part Russian Standard Original Vodka and 2 parts cream, served in a rocks glass over ice.

Launched in April 2020, Disaronno Velvet is the newest innovation to the liqueur category from the iconic Disaronno brand. Bottled at 17% ABV, Disaronno Velvet combines the flavor of almonds with nuances of chocolate and vanilla, all while providing the quintessential Amaretto flavor profile of Disaronno.

Russian Standard Original Vodka is crafted using hardy winter wheat and water drawn from Lake Ladoga, one of the largest lakes in the world and a source of naturally soft water. It is distilled over 200 times and filtered through charcoal resulting in a vodka that offers both purity and taste. Russian Standard pays incredible attention to detail, even rinsing their caps and bottles with vodka to maintain the integrity of its liquid.

GSN’s Remarks: The Velvet Cream Liqueur is quite good, if a tad sweet, but when mixed with the additon of vodka and cream, it tempers down to a soft sweetness. Really, the overall flavor of this cocktail is of a candy bar. We applaud the collaboration with Russian Standard, which is one of our “go-to’s” when looking for a vodka. This is a fine, if simple drink, perfect for the fall-like weather that is heading our way. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Disaronno & Vodka

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