GSN Review: Organika LIFE Vodka

To most, Russia’s Lake Baikal is a far-off, unfamiliar land in the remote mountains of Siberia. For the founders of Organika vodka, it’s close to home. It supplies 100% of the ingredients found in their award-winning vodka including two tonic herbs from the same region: Siberbian larch extract and sagan-daila. Sagan-daila is a “life-giving” herb that has been passed down from generations descendants of Native Americans – the Udege tribe. This unique, ultra-premium vodka from Russia also uses the highly oxygenated water of Lake Baikal.

Organika vodka is a brand that was built no only on the pillar of being a truly natural product but also on being a socially responsible brand from the very beginning The idea of helping majestic Amur Siberian tigers was what led to its beautiful logo and a long lasting relationship with the World Wildlife Fund.

 GSN’s Remarks: The bottle is striking. The inside has been decorated with a silver alloy, making it a showcase for the liquid within. The vodka itself is slightly sweet with a dry, herbal patina. The body is hefty and well rounded with minerality and character. The overall flavor is crisp and with a somewhat peppery, tannic edge. Warming, smooth and a perfect sipper, this will also lend itself to high end vodka cocktails beautifully. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Organika Vodka

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