GSN Review: Elvis Whiskey

Grain & Barrel Spirits recently announced a long-term licensing agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) to launch a duo of Elvis Presley-themed whiskeys. The new brand joins the company’s award-winning lineup, including Chicken Cock Whiskey, Dixie Vodka, Virgil Kane Lowcountry Whiskey and the recently launched High Goal Luxury Gin. Both expressions – rye and whiskey – were sourced and blended by an expert team of whiskey experts and bottled in Tennessee, where Elvis began his career and called home.

Both expressions feature an iconic photo of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” in his prime and pay homage to two of the legendary singer’s most popular nicknames: The King (rye), and Tiger Man (whiskey). The labels, which were created by Alyson Design, LLC, also feature notable references to Presley, including his signature and the letters “TCB” printed on the neck of the bottle, referring to “Taking Care of Business,” a phrase which was the mantra for Elvis and his Memphis Mafia.

Elvis Rye (90 proof) GSN’s Remarks: The flavor of the rye really comes through here, with a grain-like character and typical spice. The spirit itself is well distilled, but we feel that the two years of aging simply isn’t enough to meld the oak and the rye. We do appreciate the character though, and this will make for  fine rye based cocktail. GSN Rating: B

Elvis Whiskey (90 proof) GSN’s Remarks: A young whiskey at only two years of age, this nonetheless shows some promise. Smooth, easy going and with just enough abv to bring out the character of the spirit. Early rock & roll was simple, but fun at parties. This whiskey will be as well. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Elvis Whiskey


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