GSN Review: Compass Box No Name, No. 3 Whiskey

Compass Box Whisky punched up the peat in its latest release of its limited edition Scotch whisky: No Name, No. 3 (48.9% ABV). This final creation in the No Name series brings a new smoky experience to the trio with just 10,794 bottles available worldwide.

“No Name was not intended to become a series, but we have thoroughly enjoyed showcasing different heavily-peated malt whiskies within a consistent recipe structure,” says John Glaser, Compass Box founder and whisky maker. “The interplay of smokiness between all three blends is completely different, showing that peat is far from one-dimensional. No Name, No. 3 showcases a rich intensity that makes it vibrant and expansive, with a wild yet graceful peatiness. No Name, No. 3 completes a compelling trilogy, and we are excited for fans of this style to try it.”

A big-boned and peaty whisky, No Name, No. 3 is based around malt whisky from the Laphroaig Distillery, aged in re-charred hogsheads. Compellingly waxy, fruity and sooty malt whisky from the Bowmore Distillery supports this. Fruity and silky unpeated malts, and a little of the Compass Box Highland Malt Blend, complete the composition. James Saxon, lead whisky maker for No Name, No. 3, recommends enjoying it neat alongside a full bodied blue cheese.

The label, designed by Stranger and Stranger, lends itself to the season with bold and contrasting colors reflective of the dramatic array of flavors within the whisky, making it an artful addition to any home bar this holiday season.

GSN’s Remarks: A remarkable blend of smoke and fruit. Both are in equal abundance, with a salty, creosote coloration entwined with notes of pineapple, poached pears, and baked apple. We’re reminded of a smoked ham dinner in some ways. We agree that this whisky pairs well with a Stilton or Roquefort cheese. Try it with fresh shucked oysters as well, but if you’re not into seafood, you can’t go wrong with a dark chocolate. The body is somewhat light and elegant, while the finish has an even, smokey fade. This is a cleverly blended spirit, and makes for a fine finish to the trilogy of releases. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Compass Box Whisky


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