GSN Review: Partida Elegante & Partida Roble Fino Anjeo

Partida Tequila Elegante, an extra añejo tequila aged more than 36 months in American oak, debuted at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic’s ‘Ultimate Agave: Mexico’s Ultra Premium Tequilas’ seminar led by Steven Olson, one of America’s leading spirits experts. “As a passionate tequila consumer, I must say that ‘elegant’ is not a word that I would normally use to describe the category, but the Partida Elegante absolutely merits the description.”, shared Olson.

In addition to the exceptional tequila in the bottle, the packaging (a hallmark of J. Gary Shansby, chairman and CEO of Partida Tequila) for the Elegante is refined and distinctive. The Partida Elegante comes in an individual gift box with numbering on each bottle. The gift box includes a crystal top for the Elegante bottle, which can serve as a decanter once the tequila is finished. Each Elegante bottle has a Mexican sterling silver Partida Tequila Spirit Bird on a black leather strap tied around the neck. The Spirit Bird necklace itself makes a unique and beautiful gift.

GSN’s Remarks: The nose is absolutely smashing, with a fruity, bright and clean scent. Upon entry, the flavor is soft, somewhat oak forward and dry. This opens up into a slightly spicy, round and tempered agave character. The fruit and oak intertwine to perfection, each one sharing the spotlight. There is a slight minty edge on the finish, leaving things crisp, and refreshing. Definitely a fine sipper for very special occasions, this expression is the pinnacle of the Partida line. GSN Rating: A++

Tequila Partida also recently launched Partida Roble Fino, a luxury line of sipping tequilas. Roble Fino, which translates to “Fine Oak”, is a limited release of only 7,200 bottles which are available in select markets across the US. Partida Roble Fino tequilas combine Partida’s award-winning tequila with Edrington’s (owners of Single Malt Scotches The Macallan, Highland Park and The Glenrothes) best in cask management. Roble Fino includes a Reposado, Añejo and the world’s first-ever whisky sherry oak finished Reposado Cristalino.

When Partida’s Maestro Tequilero, José Valdez, visited Scotland for the first time in 2018, he immediately felt the connection to the homeland of the world’s finest single malts. “After my visit to Scotland, I wanted to explore how I can combine these four corners of the world: the volcanic red soil from Mexico, bourbon barrels from the US and Scotland’s single malt barrels finished in Oloroso casks from Jerez de la Frontera,” says Maestro Tequilero José Valdez. “Balancing the journey from Mexico to Scotland and Spain required a great amount of taste testing and in the end, we’ve created an incredible agave-forward spirit, double aged in American oak and Spanish white oak. It’s truly the single malt of tequila and unlike any you’ve ever tasted before.” 

Note: GSN was sent a bottle of the Roble Fino Añejo Sherry Oak Finish for review.

GSN’s Remarks: Tequila and sherry go hand in hand. With the fruitiness inherent in each, they meld into something that often can be greater than either alone. In this case, it is a resounding success. Sherry on the nose with a more subtle agave coloration, makes for a bright and cheery beginning. The taste also carries the sherry forward, but not so much as to overwhelm the tequila spirit. There is a warm nuttiness that blends with the oak and makes for a flavorful baked good character. The finish is quite long with the agave winning out at the end. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Partida Tequila


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