GSN Review: Concerto Reggiano Lambrusco DOC

The 130-year-old Italian winery Medici Ermete presents its first vintage of certified organic Concerto Reggiano Lambrusco DOC, marking the beginning of the winery’s “Generation 2031” campaign that represents a commitment to environmental, ethical-social, and economic sustainability.

“The certification comes after three years of conversion of all five of our estates from sustainable farming to certified organic farming,” explains Alessandro Medici, fifth generation Brand Ambassador of the winery and son of owner Alberto Medici. “Organic viticulture means growing grapes without the use of chemically synthesized products (for example, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides), and without the use of GMOs, which we have never used. For us this is an ethical choice, aimed at respecting the territory and safeguarding and supporting biodiversity.”

Concerto Reggiano Lambrusco DOC is the world’s first single vineyard vintage Lambrusco, a wine that has earned the Tre Bicchieri award for 13 years running, securing its latest Tre Bicchieri in 2021 with the 2019 vintage. It has been produced sustainably for decades by Medici Ermete. The winery is located in Reggio Emilia, the northeast province of Italy renowned for sparkling Lambrusco wine production. They began conversion to 100% organic viticulture in 2018.

Alessandro Medici explains the components of Generation 2031: “We aim to reduce and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint and to support biodiversity through organic viticulture. We will apply it in the context of circular economy, including the reuse of waste products such as grape marc, which we will reintegrate into the production chain. We will also engage and raise awareness among employees, suppliers, and customers – in short, all the stakeholders that revolve around the company – so that they too can embrace a more sustainable future with Medici Ermete.”

GSN’s Remarks: Very much a berry driven wine both in terms of color and flavor. Dry cherry, raspberry, and blackberry tinged with a touch of balsamic vinegar. Lots of acid and medium tannins. The carbonation wotrks well with fatty cured meats like mortadella and rosemary pork. An easy going, fun and dry pleaser. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Medici


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