GSN Review: Rightside Brewing Mocktail Subscription Box

Rightside Brewing’s Mocktail Moments gives you a different way to drink non-alcoholic beer with a unique and seasonal recipe every three months for one year. Learn how to make beer-based mocktails with the confidence that your drinks will turn out delicious. Each box contains a recipe card and enough ingredients to make four mocktails. Plus two extra Rightside non-alcoholic beers as a bonus. The first box ships the first week in January 2022.

Rightside Brewing officially launched on December 18, 2020, offering nationwide delivery for its non-alcoholic beer. Rightside was founded by mother-of-two, Emree Woods, who was seeking a great tasting, non-alcoholic beer product while pregnant, and after discovering the options were limited and some products were sub-par, she decided to launch her own product for people making conscious decisions to not drink.

Rightside partnered with Big Kettle Brewing, a contract brewer in Lawrenceville, Ga.,to brew and package their product. Big Kettle comes with extensive brewing experience and expertise, and during the past two years has helped to perfect the formulation and process, yielding great-tasting non-alcoholic beers.

GSN’s Remarks: This is a great idea that we’re surprised han’t been leapt on by other companies by now. Mocktails are hot, and the NA beer category is growing by leaps and bounds as well. The fact that Rightside has partnered with Kentucky 74 is brilliant. We also like the idea of a subscrition box, which always comes as a pleasnat surprise when it arrives. The cocktail we received was a Maple Bourbon Shandy, which was refreshing, sweet and completely non-intoxicating. We approve, especially as we head into “Dry January”. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Rightside Brewing


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