GSN Spirited News: January 11th 2022 Edition

Dallas, Texas-based New Artisan Spirits has launched Roxor Botanical Bourbon, a new flavored whiskey infused with 20 botanicals. The base whiskey is a 2-year-old Bourbon made by MGP before New Artisan takes over the infusion process. While the company has not disclosed its full list of botanicals, founder Don Short said that the whiskey did not include juniper or any added sugar. Roxor Botanical Bourbon is now available from the company’s tasting room with retail expansion to follow once the company has built up enough inventory.

Tennessee-based O.H. Ingram has introduced Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The 105 proof offering has launched in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Louisiana and is also available online across 14 states. The release of the Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes on the heels of Ingram River Aged’s market expansion into Louisiana and the launch of the Ingram River Aged Flagship Bourbon in August. O.H. Ingram’s whiskies are matured on a patent-pending floating rickhouse moored on the banks of the Mississippi River in Ballard County, Kentucky.

Knob Creek is re-releasing its 15 Year Bourbon for a limited time. Originally released in 2020, Knob Creek 15 Year Old Bourbon is the brand’s longest-aged liquid and was bottled at 50% abv. Like all Knob Creek Bourbons and ryes, it was aged in new, maximum charred American oak barrels in prime locations within Knob Creek’s Kentucky warehouses that cater to maturation of this scale. It’s available now nationwide for $100 a 750-ml.

Kentucky’s Limestone Branch Distillery has launched the Yellowstone Select Landmark Edition Bottle series, a new set of limited editions commemorating the 150th anniversary of the brand. The first whiskey is a 46.5% abv bottling of the company’s flagship Bourbon, with this release featuring six national park-themed labels including Lower Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Minerva Terrace, Roosevelt Arch, and Lamar Valley. Alongside the new bottling, the company will donate $1.50 for every bottle sold, up to $30,000, to the National Parks Conservation Association. The newcomer is available across the U.S., retailing at $40. 

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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