GSN Review: Knob Creek 15 Year Old

Jim Beam’s Knob Creek whiskey brand recently announced the 2021 return of its limited-edition Knob Creek 15 Year Old. Originally released in 2020, barrels were pulled from locations within Knob Creek’s Kentucky warehouses that allow for advanced aging.

Knob Creek started with the introduction of its Straight Rye Whiskey in 2012. In recent years, Knob Creek expanded its rye portfolio with a Single Barrel Select Rye Whiskey, a limited Cask Strength Rye and Knob Creek’s Twice Barreled Rye. In 2020, Knob Creek expanded its bourbon line with a 12 Year Old Bourbon and the 15 Year Old Bourbon.

GSN’s Remarks: Quite oak forward on the nose. A darker tangent of stewed prune adds more balance, lendng a sweet fruit aroma. A first pour gives sparkling rye spice wrapped in a coat of aged cask. A second reveals sweet breakfasty flavors of raisin bread and sugared toast. The finish is long and ends on a tannic and crisp rye note. Overall, things are held together by the wood and are just on the edge of being aggressive. But, poured over ice, it becomes a mellow and friendly bourbon. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Knob Creek


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