GSN Review: Proclamation Blended Irish Whiskey

Proclamation Whiskey honors both the history and the people behind the birth of the Irish Proclamation and the pivotal role they played at the turn of the 20th century, coupled with their enduring importance in the 21st. This Irish whiskey is a blend of grain whiskies from across Ireland, crafted in small individual batches. The liquid is triple-distilled and aged in new American Oak, then matured in bourbon casks and blended with a touch of sherry-finished malt.

GSN’s Remarks: The nose has a buttery, creamy character, reminding me of steel cut oatmeal with a dollop of salted butter. Whiskey for breakfast? In the glass, notes of toasted pecan, graham cracker, and even a peculiar touch of pineapple mingle together, while a hint of sherry gives the liquid a sweet tinge on the palate. All ends with a medium-long finish fading into a dry and slightly tannic note. Overall, this is a well made whiskey that holds its own against some of the venerable brands from the Emerald Isle. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Proclamation Whiskey


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