GSN Review: Village Bourbon

One wintery Vermont Christmas Eve a few years ago, Village Garage founders Glen Sauer and Matt Cushman shared their dream of opening a craft distillery in their hometown of Bennington, Vermont. Glen knew the perfect spot – the historic “Village Garage” near the four corners of downtown Bennington. Originally a tractor dealership that had served the local farm community, in recent decades it had been used to house the town’s old highway equipment. It might have become yet another empty building in the heart of an American town, but Glen and Matt had another idea. Instead, the Village Garage Distillery was born.

Head Distiller Ryan Scheswohl is redefining Green Mountain-made spirits by using local grains and water to produce the distillery’s first releases, Village Bourbon and Village Vodka .The stars on the label come from the flag the Green Mountain Boys flew when fighting for our nation’s independence. They also represent the sky over the lands their families farmed for over eight generations in Bennington, Vermont.

Note: We were a bottle from Batch #2 for review

GSN’s Remarks: Beautiful copper coloration. The nose is somewhat fruity and has a bright oaky character. Some notes of tobacco leaf, malt, sweet corn and burnt caramel on the nose. In the glass, the flavors are compact, slightly spicy and rich with a full range of tastes, from the deep malt and barrel char to the high notes of baking spice and black pepper. The finish is quite long and has a dry, slightly chalky ending. We really enjoyed this bourbon and look forward to more from VGD in the future. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Village Garage

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