GSN Brews News: January 25th 2022 Edition

Spirited Hive is a new line of canned cocktails launching next month. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the company will debut with distribution in Nashville and New York City. The brand was founded by Jack Espy, a grad student at NYU who found himself designated as his social circle’s cocktail maker during the pandemic. The initial lineup will consist of three options: Bourbon infused with rosemary, lemon, and honey, with the Bourbon sourced from Green River Distilling Co. in Owensboro, Kentucky; Tequila infused with ginger, lime, and honey, with the Tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico; and vodka infused with cranberry, lime, and honey. Spirited Hive Cocktails retail for $17 a 4-pack and are available for pre-sale now from the company’s website.

Brooklyn-based St. Agrestis is launching the Phony Negroni as an alcohol alternative. The new release is an alcohol-free replica of its Bottled Negroni and will initially be available exclusively direct-to-consumer from the company’s website. It will come in the brand’s signature single-serve, 200-ml. conical bottles, priced at $50 a 12-pack. A rollout to select retailers, bars, and restaurants will follow. The St. Agrestis lineup consists of Amaro (30% abv), Paradiso Aperitivo (20% abv), Inferno Bitter (24% abv), Negroni (24% abv), and Spritz, a canned combination of Paradiso Aperitivo and Italian sparkling wine (12% abv).

Low-abv vodka brand Plume & Petal, part of the Bacardi portfolio, has partnered with chef and TV host Daphne Oz. The collaboration will be a multi-platform campaign including a digital series featuring cocktail and food recipes. A limited-edition cocktail kit will also be available this spring as a tie-in. Plume & Petal’s line-up consists of Cucumber Splash, Lemon Drift, and Peach Wave flavored vodkas, all at 20% abv. The brand also produces the same three flavors as canned cocktails, all at 4.5% abv.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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