GSN Review: Lardera Wood Collar Coffeemaker

Lardera introduces an affordable and aesthetically beautiful version of the classic Chemex style borosilicate glass carafe with wood collar and optional high-precision stainless steel infuser. Brew 27oz of coffee effortlessly anytime you have fresh beans on hand. Use Chemex paper or the permanent stainless steel filter, which we recommend for it’s environmentally friendly usefulness. Cleanup is a snap, as all items are dishwasher safe. Works well with other items in the Lardera line, including their scale & timer and smart electric kettle which GSN has previously reviewed.

GSN’s Remarks: An affordable and beautifully crafted pour-over for coffee lovers. We love the mid-century modern look, and the ease of cleanup. We also appreciate the stainless steel filter which you can order separately. Never again worry about running out of paper filters. We are impressed once again with the quality of the Lardera line of products. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Lardera Wood Collar Coffeemaker


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