GSN Review: DC Brau’s The Legislator & Incurable Sadness

DC Brau, D.C.’s first craft brewery recently announced that two of their seasonal offerings are making their return this spring.

Recently, at a Burning of the Bock or “Beer Poking” event, the brewery celebrated the re-release of its barrel-aged Doppelbock: The Legislator. This beer features a prevailing dark stone fruit flavor with toffee notes and a warming oaky finish. On sipping this beer, you get robust notes of raisin, fig, toffee, and a subtle cocoa compliment subdued by plum and prune flavors. GSN’s Remarks: At 11.5% abv, this is one hefty brew. Overflowing with fruitcake-like flavors and a heavy mouthfeel, this one is a slow sipper to be enjoyed warmer than straight out of the fridge. The barrel aging has transformed it into a near cocktail. Very interesting and a Dopplebock unlike any other. GSN Rating: A-

And DC Brau re-launched its Irish Dry Stout: Incurable Sadness. With a jet black to deep brown color, Incurable Sadness is modeled after traditional Irish stouts, featuring a pronounced roast character along with faint cocoa and coffee notes that are balanced beautifully by the hop bitterness for a medium body, and smooth mouthfeel. GSN’s Remarks: A very traditional dry stout with notes of cocoa and chocolate malt. The bitterness is forward on the palate with a dry and dark finish. Well made and nothing to be sad about. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: DC Brau

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