GSN Review: Latin Secco & Spice Gin

Premium spirit Latin Gin recently announced its U.S. launch, debuting, initially, in Florida. Latin Gin offers four expressions: Latin Spice, Latin Lover, Latin Secco and Latin Beach. Each is inspired by elements of the Latin lifestyle. Latin Gin is also available in Spain and the islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca and for shipping to select U.S. cities through online ordering.

Created by Co-Founder Ivania Sher who grew up in El Salvador amongst a family of international diplomats; she witnessed her parents entertain guests from around the world with beautiful, inventive cocktails. With this catalyst, she decided to create a premium gin from a female and worldly perspective.

Distilled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Latin Gin is produced by a family-owned business that has been spirit-making for over a century. The gin encompasses the dynamism of Latin culture and incorporates thoughtfully sourced ingredients and flavors. Each of its four expressions conveys a love story, taking consumers on a journey of passion, romance, tradition and joy.

Latin Gin is housed in an iconic glass bottle. The sculptural design in red, pink, dark and light blue hues, is crafted from extra fine flint glass–the most premium in the world–and invokes the opulence of the Art Deco era.

Latin Spice Premium Gin has warm Calabrian chili pepper notes that linger on the palate. It is inspired by the passion and the spark of a newly formed romance. Latin Spice is a great choice for classic, balanced cocktails such as the Last Word, Alexander, and Hanky Panky. GSN’s Remarks: Don’t hesitate to try this gin. The heat is quite mild and warming, rather than scorching. The juniper is most present here, and everything has a slightly fruity, yet dry character. We like this one a lot. Well blended and unusual. GSN Rating: A

Latin Secco Premium Gin is an interpretation of the spirit’s classic tones. Infused with authentic Italian juniper and blended with the water of Mont Blanc, it is inspired by the tradition of Latin culture. Latin Secco is perfect for traditional gin combinations, such as a Vesper Martini, a Sherry Martini or a Negroni. GSN’s Remarks: Very much in the vein of a London Dry, this is a juniper forward gin with a light touch of citrus. The botanicals play a distant role, but add some body behind the scenes. Elegant, fresh and perfect for just about any gin based cocktail. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Latin Gin


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