GSN Review: KLYR Rum

The story of KLYR started with founder Amish Patel who came up with the idea of producing a unique silver rum in the U.S. that drinks like vodka or tequila. The KLYR team then partnered Holy Water Distillery Master Distiller Lexi Close to help develop the recipe and produce KLYR Rum. Lexi and her team at Holy Water Distillery were able to fine-tune the perfect ratio of sugar, water and yeast utilizing a proprietary distillation and filtration process.

Holy Water Distillery was opened by Victoria and Kevin Close in 2018. Quickly becoming a local craft favorite, their spirit brand Crostwater Distilled Spirits crafts various offerings such as gin, vodka, spiced rum, whiskey, bourbon, flavored whiskey and more. Their daughter, 24-year-old Master Distiller Lexi Close, now distills over 10 spirits including KLYR Rum.

GSN’s Remarks: First off, if you were in a liquor store, you would not know by the label if this was a vodka, rum, gin or tequila. It’s unclear (pun intended) what spirit this is. However, let’s see what it tastes like. This is a rich and flavorful white rum, with both body and character. Sweetly forward, with a semi-heavy minerality. The water used to bring it down to proof has some terroir, while the yeast also adds a decent dose of personality. We like this rum, it has a young and fresh approach. Perfect for Daiquiris or a Pina Colada, it will also add some depth to a simple rum & cola. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: KLYR Rum


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