GSN Review: IZO Bacanora Silver Agave Spirit

Bacanora is a regional mezcal from the northwestern state of Sonora, protected by Denomination of Origin status since the year 2000. Only eight years prior, Bacanora production had finally been made legal. Bacanora is made from a regional varietal of the Agave Angustifolia Haw, also know as Agave Pacifica, Agave Yaquiana, or Agave Bacanora. Production methods can be extremely rustic, though in the current period, most Bacanora is made in a traditional mezcal method. Produced in Sonora, Mexico, IZO’s Bacanora is double distilled in copper and stainless steel.

GSN’s Remarks: Lovely light creosote nose of rustic woodfire. The entry is somewhat sweet, with a soft vegetal note. This is quickly followed by smoke, campfire and a musky patina which opens and then closes slowly like an umbrella. At the tail end of the burnt presentation, the mezcal comes into play with a slightly fruity, tropical essence. If you enjoy Islay whiskies, or Mezcals, you will want to buy this latest release from IZO. Exceptionally evocative and beautifully crafted, IZO’s Bacanora Silver hits all the marks. GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: IZO Spirits


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