GSN Alert: Nikka Perfect Serve Is Back In 2022










“One moment, one encounter.” The Japanese Ichi-go Ichi-e philosophy is the guiding principle behind the Nikka Perfect Serve bartending competition. Every encounter is unique and can never be repeated, and so we must give our very best at all times. 

The Nikka Perfect Serve encourages bartenders to place the guest at the heart of the bar experience. Bartenders must be attentive and aware of their guest’s presence, state of mind, and palate in order to offer the most suitable service and cocktail at that specific moment. The process is as important as the cocktail itself.

As in previous years, the contest will continue to focus on omakase: “I leave it to you.” Judges playing the roles of indecisive customers will act as different characters and ask the bartender to improvise a bespoke Nikka cocktail. Experienced bartenders will have a large repertoire of cocktail recipes in mind at all times, and will be able to choose, twist and adapt them to serve the most appropriate Nikka Whisky cocktail for each situation played out by the judges.

After the prolonged period of isolation and restrictions, there will be moments when you are shaken by new discoveries and new encounters.

This year, we ask you to apply your creativity in a form of a signature Nikka cocktail which will provide a guest with an eye-opening experience to find something new or inspiring. Please choose your preferable Nikka expression from the designated line-up and imagine the exciting communication with the guest in front of you.

Who can participate:

Professional bartenders of any nationality currently employed in the country where the contest is held.

Are not eligible:

-Employees of Nikka Whisky or Nikka Whisky’s distributors.

-All those who have already participated in the Nikka Whisky Japan trip in the past.

Save The Date!

Please note that the winners of the regional contests will represent their country in the Global Finals on November 28th & 29th in Genova, Italy. You must be available from November 26th (arrival) to the 30th (departure). 

The winners of the regional contests will represent their country in Italy on November 28th and 29th.


The winner and runner-up of the global finals will be invited on a trip to Japan to experience the Japanese bar scene and visit Nikka’s distilleries: Yoichi and Miyagikyo!


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