GSN Review: Rum Rubirosa

For generations, the Dominican Republic has produced rums in small batches using artisanal distillation techniques with initial aging in American white oak barrels and finishing in French white oak cognac barrels. At the dawn of the 21st century, Rubirosa’s master blender takes rum in a new, cutting-edge direction through blending.

Rum Rubirosa, was created as a tribute to the famous Dominican diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa, style icon and last great playboy of the 20th century. Among the jet set of the fifties, he was considered the “Most Interesting Man in the World”. Rubirosa was always ready for a cocktail. He played polo, loved women, flew planes, drove race cars, and searched for sunken treasure in the Caribbean. This man about town inspired Ian Fleming to create James Bond.

Rum Rubirosa comes in two expressions; a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old.

Rubirosa 4 – GSN’s Remarks: Light body with a somewhat sweet entry, quickly followed by mild spice and medium wood notes. Caramel, vanilla and some tobacco essences work in unison to make for a easy going, and terrific blending rum for cocktails and highballs. GSN Rating: B+

Rubirosa 8 – GSN’s Remarks: The 8-year-old ramps up the sweetness with a somewhat heavy breakfast syrup flavor. Quite sweet and more of a sipping rum overall. The more subtle flavors peek out after a few minutes with cinnamon toast, coffee cake, and candied pecans. We like the chewiness and long, long finish. GSN Rating: A-

We enjoyed each of these expressions in different ways, yet you can easily tell that they are siblings. A welcome addition to the rum world!

For more information go to: Rubirosa Rum




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