GSN Alert: Casa Convite Bartender Residency Deadline is Sept 12th!

Casa Convite, Oaxaca’s most popular local brand of Mezcal, is launching a bartender exchange program designed to bring American bartenders to Oaxaca to live, work, and learn how to make Mezcal. 

You will get the opportunity to live and work from Casa Convite in downtown Oaxaca as part of their immersive Bartender Residency. In exchange for room, board, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to make Mezcal, you will be asked to work short shifts at Convite’s bar and teach one master class for Oaxacan bartenders. This experience is like no other in the industry!

Day 1: Travel into Oaxaca and Meet the Team

Day 2: Visit the Market, Try Oaxacan Food, and Guest Bartending Shift (7-11 pm)

Day 3: Visit the Palenque, Make Mezcal and Dinner at a Local Favorite

Day 4: Museo Gran Cochinilla Tour, Master Class Session, Mezcal Master Class with Jorge Vera with Special Tasting and One More Guest Bartending Shift

Day 5: Monte Albán Tour, Sporting Event

Day 6: Tour Agave Fields, Make Mezcal with the Experts

Day 7: Travel Home

Complete this form to apply!

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