GSN Review: Breckenridge Mile High Bourbon Blends

Breckenridge Distillery, the ‘World’s Highest Distillery’ and the official Bourbon of football franchise, the Denver Broncos, recently announced two new limited-edition Mile High Bourbon Blends, the second commemorative Broncos Bourbon Blends of the series collaboration. 

To make the Mile High Blends, Broncos Alumni, Jake Plummer, and Breckenridge, Head Distiller, Hans Stafsholt (Blue), faced off with Broncos ‘Ring of Famer’, Karl Mecklenburg and Breckenridge Distillery, Founder, Bryan Nolt (Orange), to see who can blend the better bourbon. Encased in a commemorative orange or blue bottle, these limited edition bourbon blends pay homage to the Broncos Mile High Era and include the team’s classic 1962 logo on their label. 

“Last year we released our first collaboration with the Denver Broncos and the Broncos Bourbon blends, they were not only a hit with our Colorado fans, but the whiskey industry as a whole,” says Nolt. “We’re so excited to continue our partnership with the Broncos and bring Broncos and whiskey fans across the country our latest release of the Mile High Blends to enjoy this season.”

Mile High Blend Blue – GSN’s Remarks: Very well distilled and aged. A dry, and semi-woody tone greets that palate with a somewhat sweet apple cider note. Some spice in the cinnamon realm, but overall, this is pretty mellow stuff with a round mouthfeel. Our current favorite bourbon of the week. GSN Rating: A

Mile High Blend Orange – GSN’s Remarks: A slightly hotter bourbon with more spice. Lively and pricky with some tangyness. The body is a bit thinner, but the flavor is wider than the Blue. The finish is quite long with more of that cinnamon-like flavor. GSN Rating: B+

The winner: Mile High Blend Blue

For more information go to: Breckenridge Distillery

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