GSN Alert: Sippd Wine App

You’re familiar with wine quizzes that build you a case of wine with a monthly subscription buy-in. But what about a wine quiz that’s sole purpose is to provide beginner drinkers with a starting point to learn about their preferences toward certain flavors, characteristics, and styles of wine? 

With Sippd’s new “Building Taste Match” quiz, we use an AI-powered algorithm and millions of data points to discern consumer’s likely preferences and tailor wine recommendations for their unique taste and budget. 

After completing our sommelier-curated, seven-question quiz, app users are presented with their individualized 1% to 100% wine scores (what we call “Taste Match” scores) to 10,000+ bottles. The higher the Taste Match score is to 100%, the more the wine aligns to a user’s palate! It’s that simple.

Then app users can filter their top matches by price, region, food pairings, and more to try new wines on their own time, keep track of all the wines they’re drinking, and refine their wine taste profile in one place. 

You can take the quiz for yourself by downloading Sippd here


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