GSN Review: Peg Leg Porker 8-year-old Tennessee Rye Whiskey

In 2014, Carey Bringle founded Peg Leg Porker Spirits, the world’s only spirits brand owned by a Pitmaster himself. With more than six years of various industry nominations including “The Best BBQ” in both media and by peers, the name Carey Bringle and the Peg Leg Porker brand have grown from a must-stop barbeque place in Tennessee to a way of life. Carey recently announced the limited-edition release of his 8-year-old Tennessee Rye Whiskey in time for the holiday season.
Distilled and aged in Tennessee, the 105-proof offering features his signature Hickory Charcoal finishing process and a 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley mash. “This is our first release in three years,” explains Bringle. “We paid attention to every detail and the result was a finish that is more reminiscent of a 90-proof whiskey. Simply smooth. And as a Pitmaster, I wouldn’t be doing it justice if there wasn’t a smokey note. It’s expectedly unexpected.” 
Peg Leg Porker Spirits are currently available in eight states, including Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with more on the list this year. “We only produced 1,200 six-pack cases,” Bringle said of the whiskey. “It’s going to be a hot commodity this holiday. We’re expecting that we’ll blink, and it will be gone—like a puff of smoke.” 

GSN’s Remarks: Remarkably spicy and rye forward. Quite dry, with a curious mellow smokiness that tastes like woodfire, as opposed to charred oak. Unusual, unique and full of flavor, the finish is quite long and begs for several sips after the first. What really impresses us is the ultra-smoothness of this release. At 105 proof, you’d expect burn, but there simply isn’t any. Really, really well done, and tasty as heck. This spirit captures the essence of southern BBQ in a way that no other bourbon has ever come close to. Highly recommended! GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Peg Leg Porker Spirits


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