GSN Alert: Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge is back

The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge is back with its fifth edition. ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto invites bartenders across the globe to create an original aperitivo cocktail inspired by any form of art. This year, 2023, will see applicants encouraged to incorporate heightened sustainability into their creations, with the global winner being crowned ‘the ITALICUS bar artist of the year’ and receiving the opportunity to experience a mentorship program with no.1 bar in the world, Paradiso Barcelona and Giacomo Giannotti. During the experience, the winner will be accompanied by Shoshin Art Club, the international bartender’s educational platform created by Valentino Longo, to document the full experience in an video episode which will be featured amongst the courses available on the website.

The Art of ITALICUS aperitivo challenge is built on the belief that bartenders are artists and the program is designed to incentivise them to be as creative as possible by bringing the industry together to create art-inspired cocktails which best represent an elevated aperitivo experience, whilst showcasing the ITALICUS spirit through creative liquid expressions.

The competition will be opened in 11 countries: Italy, Spain, USA, UK, Croatia and Slovenia region, France, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. All other bartenders not resident in these countries will be able to apply through a Wild Card entry, having the opportunity to win a spot to the global final, in Rome at the end of May.

US Bartenders only apply here

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