GSN Review: HIRSCH Whiskey The Cask Strength Finished in Cognac Barrels

HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys recently announced its limited time offering of The Cask Strength Finished in Cognac Barrels. With only 9,000 bottles available nationwide, this exclusive release has been aged for 6 years before finishing in 30-Year-Old HINE Cognac XO barrels for 18 months.

“We selected 54 barrels of our oldest bourbon to rest in these used HINE Cognac casks which adds the subtle, yet noticeable character of Cognac to our bourbon, resulting in an astonishing liquid,” says Kevin Aslan, Innovations Distiller at Hotaling & Co. “This whiskey is worth the wait because when it comes to cognac, it’s a case of the older – the barrels – the better.”

“We are very excited to be a part of The Cask Strength Finished in Cognac Barrels release,” says Eric Forget, The HINE Cognac Master Blender and Cellar Master. “The name Hirsch means stag in German, and the stag is the emblem of our Cognac House founded in 1763, a perfect example of how this this collaboration was truly meant to be. The casks we provided, previously containing HINE Antique XO cognac, contribute to the rich flavor profile, bringing aromas of spices, leather, and licorice to create a full roundness to this exceptional whiskey.”

HIRSCH Whiskey, The Cask Strength Finished in Cognac Barrels is bottled at cask strength (62.5% ABV) with a proof of 127, and a suggested SRP of $199.99/750ml bottle. The mash bill is comprised of 72% corn, 13% rye, and 15% malted barley.

GSN’s Remarks: Upon pouring and nosing, there is a honeyed cinnamon and spiced cocoa scent that is simply delicious. After a second sniff, other notes of fruit appear: lemon, apricot, and dark cherry waft by with some herbal and earthy/woody notes as well. There is a lot going on here. Not a surprise considering the unusual length of ex-Cognac barrel aging. On the palate, the usual ensemble of toffee, sweet chocolate, vanilla bean and cinnamon all play together quite nicely. The fruit flavors are similar to what we discovered on the nose: fresh pear, lemon zest, and plum. Interestingly, there is also a mild tannic character here similar to matcha powder. The lengthy finish leaves on a malty, cocoa, tobacco, spicy note. All in all, a very pleasant and interesting, fruity whiskey. Well worth seeking out if you are a fan of HIRSCH. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Hirsch Whiskey

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