GSN Review: Patrón El Alto

Patrón Tequila is taking its first step into the prestige category with the release of its latest expression, Patrón El Alto. Primarily crafted with Extra Añejo and blended with Añejo and Reposado tequilas each aged to their maximum potential, Patrón El Alto demonstrates over four years of craftsmanship, ingenuity and artistry. Legendary Master Distiller David Rodriguez and his talented team of distilling artisans didn’t limit themselves in how to cultivate the best flavors but rather, as a result of over 300 tastings, masterfully combined an exceptional selection of the best Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo tequilas.

Patrón is one of the few brands that still makes tequila the hard way – by hand, a painstaking process that’s been used since the brand’s inception. Innovative and impressively rare to the industry, the majority of Patrón El Alto Tequila is created using the traditional Tahona production process. A method that requires meticulous precision and time, a two-ton volcanic stone is used to crush the baked agave which creates a tequila with natural sweetness and flavors of the earth. Patrón is the leading producer of Tahona-based tequila in the world, demonstrating its commitment to a time-honored process, further exemplified by Patrón El Alto.

Using 100% naturally perfect ingredients — agave, water and yeast — and crafted in small batches to ensure consistency and quality, Patrón El Alto is aged in 11 types of barrels, mostly hybrid barrels of American oak body and French oak heads.

Patrón El Alto is packaged in an elegant and distinctive bottle, matching the azure hues of the agave fields in the Jalisco Highlands and is only available in four major U.S. markets: New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, at SRP $179.

GSN’s Remarks: Richly appointed, with a well aged oak forward and vegetal nose. Some light vanilla and fresh cut wood is also apparent. Exceptional entry on the palate with nectar-like agave sweetness, warm vanilla bean flavors, and an almost creamy mouthfeel. The body is quite round with a smoothness unlike any other tequila we’ve reviewed. This all comes from the craftsmanship behind the brilliant blending and use of an unusually large variety of barrels. Of all of the Patron expressions, this release excedes them all. One of the loveliest tequilas we’ve ever enjoyed. GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Patron Tequila

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