GSN Review: Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, a new entrant in the Irish whiskey category created by Dan O’Shevlin, is now available nationwide. The idea for the whiskey was hatched in a small Dublin pub when a group of whiskey makers was passionately debating how traditional Irish whiskey could better appeal to the next generation of Irish whiskey lovers. The conversation escalated, leading to the ultimate of pub challenges: the formidable “Triple Dog Dare.” O’Shevlin, a whiskey aficionado with a background in biochemistry, took the dare.

“Many years ago, I went to Ireland after the passing of my grandfather, Philip Joseph O’Shevlin, who was, among other things, a pub owner,” says Daniel Patrick O’Shevlin, master blender and co-founder of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey. “At that time, my father handed me a small wooden box containing handmade drawings dated 1916, along with a recipe for creating a new Irish whiskey, the unrealized dream of my grandfather. Inspired by his legacy, and the ardent coaxing of my Irish whiskey-maker friends, I knew it was the right time to take the dare. I’m excited to introduce a bold, creative, genuine Irish whiskey uniquely different from all the stodgy, traditional whiskeys.”

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey consists of O’Shevlin’s proprietary blend of whiskey created with the original 1916 formula and refined with contemporary distillation techniques. It is distilled in Dundalk, County Louth, a coastal county on the Irish Sea that has a heritage of making proper Irish whiskeys dating back to 1708. With access to water from the nearby Cooley Mountains and generations of local whiskey artisans, O’Shevlin honed batch after batch until the final blend was perfected.

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is currently available in retail stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Texas and California, with the brand slated for expansion into other states later this year. Triple Dog is also available for purchase online through the company’s website.

GSN’s Remarks: Light woodiness greets the nose with a hint of vanilla. The palate presents a smooth entry, with a strong oak character following, succeeded by dessert-like notes of toffee, salted caramel, vanilla bean, and espresso. This all comes back together in a rush at the end, with the cask staves leaving a somewhat bitter tannic finish. We’d recommend this as a shot paired with an Irish Stout, or used in a traditional Irish Coffee to add some depth. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Triple Dog Whiskey


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