GSN Review: Powers Irish Rye Whiskey

Irish Distillers recently announced the launch of the world’s first 100% Irish rye whiskey, from its Powers brand just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Powers Irish Rye (43.2% ABV) has been produced using 100% Irish rye and matured in a combination of American virgin oak, first fill and refill casks.

The result of trials at the Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland, Powers Irish Rye is said to be grounded in the heritage of the whiskey brand, as Carol Quinn, Archivist at Irish Distillers, uncovered. Old mash bills and recipes reveal that Powers experimented with rye over their history, while as the scientific knowledge of distilling expanded throughout the 19th century, they continually strove to innovate with new techniques and processes.

Due to rye farming having all but disappeared in Ireland, Powers commissioned the planting of rye crops exclusively for this latest release. With a commitment to sustainable farming, the Cooney Furlong Farm in Co. Wexford supply 100% of the rye used in Powers Irish Rye. Located just a short distance from Edermine House, the ancestral home of the Powers family.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Ryan, Powers Distiller, said: “We attribute the success of this whiskey firstly to the extended team at Midleton Distillery, yet also to the generations of Powers distillers who considered rye grain to be a unique component of their craft. From our commitment to farming a difficult crop, to reduced brewhouse throughput, to longer fermentation times, and considering the exceptional cask profile; if it was only about efficiency, we would never have used rye!”

GSN’s Remarks: Nice lively rye aroma in the glass. Dark oak and young tobacco are also present on the nose. Light body, with a somewhat fruity entry. The rye spice is initially mellow, but picks up speed over as the tasting opens up. A fine, woody flavor, which is dry, but not overly tannic. The impression is reminiscent of roasted, lightly spiced tree nuts. The finish is medium-long with a slight mintiness at the tail end, with the lasting impression being of an easy going, friendly spirit ideal for mixing in cocktails. A welcome addition to the Powers portfolio. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Powers Whiskey


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