GSN Review: Gracias a Dios Espadin Mezcal

Gracias a Dios translates to Thank God, a phrase that owners Pablo Lopez, Enrique Jimenez, Xaime Niembro, and Oscar Hernandez heard throughout their childhood. A deep commitment to family values and Mexican culture underlines their approach to producing handmade, ultra-premium quality mezcal and agave gin. Gracias a Dios values its people and the environment. Approximately 60% of the water used for production is collected from rain, accumulating to 180,000 liters per year. Moreover, they take pride in working with locals for fair wages. They provide all employees with the 25% above the standard daily salary in Matalán, insurance, hot water and dorms for their workers.

In 2008, Gracias a Dios started as a speakeasy mezcal bar in Querétaro, México. The bar sold mezcal produced by different Maestros Mezcaleros from various Oaxaca state regions. After two years of traveling Oaxaca, owners Pablo López, Enrique Jiménez and Xaime Niembro met Oscar Hernández in Matalán and were blown away by his mezcal. He joined the team in 2010 and their first planting of agave was in 2011, followed by production in 2013. Today, the brand produces a wide variety of agave-based products, including traditional, wild agave limited editions, flavored and special editions. This collection is all handmade by Oscar Hernandez (4th generation) and his nephew Milo Jimenez (5th generation).

GSN’s Remarks: Deep agave nose with a smoke tinged penumbra. Quite fruity on the entry with a naturally sweet flavor accented by an earthy smokiness. A round and balanced mouthfeel with plenty of bright high notes cutting through the darker tonalities. Long finish, with woodfire lingering on the palate. A flavorful and authentic mezcal that is one of the better expressions we’ve tasted. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Agave Gin Gad


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