GSN Review: East Imperial Mixers

East Imperial is a New Zealand based company that provides unique twists on the classic tonic recipe from 1903. With ingredients sustainably sourced from Africa and Asia, East Imperial honors the birthplaces of  classic tonic water. They offer a wide variety of flavors, pairings and recipes so that anyone can enjoy their products. 

East Imperial’s portfolio includes a tasting case of ten of their most popular flavors, a menu with recommended pairings, and a unique Spotify playlist to enjoy while drinking. The tasting case includes tonic water, yuzu tonic, old world tonic, grapefruit tonic, grapefruit soda, mombasa ginger beer, thai dry ginger ale, soda water, yuzu lemonade, and kimi kola. In addition to their pairing menu, East Imperial offers a cocktail library with over 80 different recipes online. The highlight of their packaging are the unique bottle colors for each flavor and the recommended playlist of global groove and polyrhythmic afro-beats. 

We were lucky enough to receive the entire tasting case. In addition to tasting each flavor individually, we mixed them with their recommended spirits to enjoy as a cocktail. The 5oz bottles were the perfect size to enjoy a quick and easy G&T, Rum and Coke, or Moscow Mule. 

GSN Remarks: The difference in flavor options was a nice surprise to the traditional tonic water or soda water. Our favorites include the Yuzu lemonade, the Old World Tonic and the Kimi-Kola. 

Yuzu Lemonade: A very light and fresh taste, with notes of citrus and ginger, although the beverage itself was overly carbonated. We paired this with a Blanco tequila which made a refreshing cocktail for the summer, sadly the tasting notes became diluted when mixed. A

Old World Tonic: As East Imperial claims, this truly is the Champagne of the tonic world. A natural and delicious low-calorie option for those looking for something light, we highly recommend this tonic that offers the taste of a traditional tonic. We paired this with a dry gin which highlighted the natural botanical notes. A+ 

Kimi-Kola: There is a flavor in India that is like no other, Kalakatta gola. This kimi-kola replicates that taste, tasting sweet and syrupy without becoming overwhelming. We paired this with a Puerto Rican rum which didn’t dilute any of the natural kola flavor. A great variation on the classic Rum and Coke. B+

For more information go to: East Imperial


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