GSN Review: Double Dutch Premium Mixers

Double Dutch Premium Mixers is a woman-owned business, founded by identical twins Raissa and Joyce de Haas. Their childhood in the Netherlands helped launch their vibrant and creative business that prides itself on fun flavors. “Our range is the result of a flavour-led approach that twins molecular gastronomy with the best ingredients, pairing surprising flavours for a unique taste that opens up a world of possibilities – one glass at a time.” They offer twenty different products ranging from a classic Indian Tonic Water to the more unique Cucumber Margarita with Chilli Soda.

We at GSN sampled four of their different mixers: Indian Tonic Water, Club Soda, Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale. These traditional and classic mixers should be a staple in any home bar, so we were excited to review them. We crafted a few easy summer cocktails such as the classic Gin and Tonic and a Mexican Mule. For those that love a classic G&T, their Indian tonic water is a great option. And for those that love Moscow mules and the bite it brings, their ginger beer is quite spicy and aromatic.

Indian Tonic Water: It’s interesting to note how different tonic waters can vary from one brand to another, especially when mixing them with a preferred gin. Double Dutch’s Indian tonic water is a standard recipe that allows the spirit you choose to blend it with to really shine. We used a dry gin and a bit of lime; the flavors were familiar and mellow. GSN Rating: B

Club Soda: We here at GSN don’t often try club soda independently, but we were surprised how quickly we finished the bottle. A perfect mixer allows the drinker to highlight any flavors they add, and Double Dutch’s club soda is the perfect base for any cocktail or beverage. GSN Rating: B

Ginger Beer: Again, for those who love ginger this is a ginger beer that brings a bite with it. We crafted a Mexican Mule with their ginger beer, tequila and lime – a fun twist on the classic Moscow mule. The ginger was a bit overpowering and made it feel unbalanced as a whole. The ginger beer alone is spicy and fun, but as a mixer it doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room for additional flavors. GSN Rating: B-

Ginger Ale: This is not your average ginger beer. Both of Double Dutch’s ginger flavored mixers have a powerful heat to them that leaves a spicy warmth in your mouth. A whiskey and ginger is a great option as a cocktail, however the ginger really overpowered the mellow smokey notes of the whiskey. Double Dutch offers a few recipes online for their mixers, so if you would like a sweeter option they offer the Floradora. GSN Rating: B-

GSN Remarks: Double Dutch is a great option for those who wish to stock their home bar with classic mixers, and we are excited to try some of their more unique flavors in the future!

For more information go to: Double Dutch Drinks


Review by Auutumn Ellen Rose for Good Spirits News

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