GSN Review: Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur

Born in Saronno, Italy in 1525, Disaronno is one of the oldest Italian spirits brands and known for their distinctive bottle design made of a special faceted glass crafted in Murano, topped with the inimitable square cap. Disaronno Velvet features the same design and cap in a sleek white for an ultra-premium look.

Building on the equity of the iconic amaretto Disaronno Originale, Ray Stoughton, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Disaronno International shares, “Disaronno Velvet opens up an opportunity for us to attract new consumers to the Disaronno brand,” says . “Disaronno represents quality and authenticity in the cordial category as well as great profitability all year long.”

Disaronno Velvet is available nationally for $29.99 SRP, is 17% ABV and gluten free.

GSN’s Remarks: Familiar apricot/almond nose blending into a fresh, milky cream perfume. Medium sweet entry laden with a thick cream viscosity and smooth mouthfeel. The fruit and nut flavors carry themselves well and are not diminished in the least by the flavor of the cream. Overall, this is a wonderful alternative to the plethora of Irish Cream and Bourbon liqueurs on the market. A fun, celebratory liqueur that will appeal to just about everyone. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Disaronno International


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