GSN Review: METAXA 12 Stars

Spyros Metaxa built his first distillery in 1888 in Piraeus, the port of Athens, and the amber spirit was soon being exported around the Mediterranean. The House of METAXA does not have a Master Distiller, nor a Master Blender. Constantinos Raptis is the fifth METAXA Master since 1888. He first makes his selection of the Muscat wines from Samos, chosen for their aromatic concentration and intensity. He then chooses the fine wine distillates for their character and elegance.

The wine distillates and Muscat wines are aged separately until Raptis decides they are ready to be emulsified in Limousin oak casks. A multitude of Mediterranean botanicals adds the finishing floral touch and freshness.

GSN’s Remarks: A quite floral, winey nose, with a grape-forward perfume. Light in body, but rich in flavor, this is a liqueur unlike any other. The brandy character plays a supporting role, but the headliners are the botanicals which have a flowery sensibility. The wine comes into play about halfway through the tasting, adding a solid grape flavor to the affair. Finish is long with lingering flower garden notes leaving a curious ending. Unique and well worth using in a variety of cocktails. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: METAXA


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