GSN Review: Bluestone Manor Bourbon

Dorinda Medley, founder of Bluestone Manor Bourbon, named her spirit after her iconic Massachusetts home, Bluestone Manor. Rich with history and vibrant with life, Bluestone Manor was a speakeasy, where patrons would share a glass of Bourbon and dream of happier times.
“Bluestone Manor was built in 1902 during the colorful Gilded Age. From the intricate dark wood details, vibrant walls, and thoughtful floor plan, Bluestone Manor feels spacious yet cozy, and reminiscent of days gone bye. It was once a speakeasy and I imagine long nights filled with laughter, glamour and secrets,” explains Medley. “Bluestone Manor is a special place I call home. I wanted to bring this feeling to life in a Bourbon. Anyone can enjoy a glass of my bourbon and find themselves being transported to the Manor.”
Bluestone Manor Bourbon has a mash bill of corn, winter wheat and malted barley. After being aged for a minimum of five years, their blender hand selected each barrel, creating a unique blend. The Mash Bill is 70% Corn, 25% Wheat, and 5% Malted Barley. The spirit is aged a minimum of 5 years in Independent Stave Co. Cooper’s Select, 53 Gallon Oak Barrels.

GSN’s Remarks: This is our favorite bourbon of the month. Very drinkable, with warming notes of wood, toffee, caramel, light baking spice and a gentle, yet fulsome body. We especially appreciate the influence that the whaet has on the expression, adding roundness and light sweetness. We recommend this one for pleasant sipping, or anything from a Mint Julep to a Boulevardier. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Bluestone Manor Bourbon


GSN Review: Latin Secco & Spice Gin

Premium spirit Latin Gin recently announced its U.S. launch, debuting, initially, in Florida. Latin Gin offers four expressions: Latin Spice, Latin Lover, Latin Secco and Latin Beach. Each is inspired by elements of the Latin lifestyle. Latin Gin is also available in Spain and the islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca and for shipping to select U.S. cities through online ordering.

Created by Co-Founder Ivania Sher who grew up in El Salvador amongst a family of international diplomats; she witnessed her parents entertain guests from around the world with beautiful, inventive cocktails. With this catalyst, she decided to create a premium gin from a female and worldly perspective.

Distilled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Latin Gin is produced by a family-owned business that has been spirit-making for over a century. The gin encompasses the dynamism of Latin culture and incorporates thoughtfully sourced ingredients and flavors. Each of its four expressions conveys a love story, taking consumers on a journey of passion, romance, tradition and joy.

Latin Gin is housed in an iconic glass bottle. The sculptural design in red, pink, dark and light blue hues, is crafted from extra fine flint glass–the most premium in the world–and invokes the opulence of the Art Deco era.

Latin Spice Premium Gin has warm Calabrian chili pepper notes that linger on the palate. It is inspired by the passion and the spark of a newly formed romance. Latin Spice is a great choice for classic, balanced cocktails such as the Last Word, Alexander, and Hanky Panky. GSN’s Remarks: Don’t hesitate to try this gin. The heat is quite mild and warming, rather than scorching. The juniper is most present here, and everything has a slightly fruity, yet dry character. We like this one a lot. Well blended and unusual. GSN Rating: A

Latin Secco Premium Gin is an interpretation of the spirit’s classic tones. Infused with authentic Italian juniper and blended with the water of Mont Blanc, it is inspired by the tradition of Latin culture. Latin Secco is perfect for traditional gin combinations, such as a Vesper Martini, a Sherry Martini or a Negroni. GSN’s Remarks: Very much in the vein of a London Dry, this is a juniper forward gin with a light touch of citrus. The botanicals play a distant role, but add some body behind the scenes. Elegant, fresh and perfect for just about any gin based cocktail. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Latin Gin


GSN Review: The Vice Los Carneros “The Rams” Cabernet Sauvignon

“Los Carneros (Spanish for The Rams) was the first established Sub-Appellation of Napa Valley in 1981. Los Carneros is mostly known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Batch #52 reflects the potential of Los Carneros Cabernet Sauvignon, the underdog of Napa Valley to achieve a breakthrough in a region where Cabernet reigns King” -Malek Amrani

This 2019 release is 100% Unfiltered and Un-fined Cabernet Sauvignon, aged 22 months in 2 New Medium Toast Oak barrels (1 French & 1 American). It features sustainably grown fruit with minimal winemaking intervention and is a limited edition release with only 600 bottles crafted.

GSN’s Remarks: Released earlier this year to mark the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl appearance, this limited edition wine is a perfect tie-in to the Rams victory. Los Carneros means the ram in Spanish. Produced in an area of the Napa Valley that has a cooler and less sun driven vinticulture, this Cabernet excels in both flavor and expression. An unfiltered wine, there are a plethora of berries and cherries tempered with dry tannins. A fruit forward wine, we enjoyed this with red meats, charcuterie and strong cheeses. If you are so inclined, this would be a great bottle to cellar if you have the patience. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: The Vice


GSN Review: Yebiga Rakija Serbian Plum Brandy 

If you haven’t heard of rakija before – it’s reminiscent of how mezcal was an obscure spirit in the US and then took off in bars across the country within a short time. Rakija is a spirit that is generally unknown in the US, yet popular in the Balkans. It may just be the next big thing because it’s so unique, as well as delicious and true to its roots & tradition, made from hyper-local ingredients from its native country of Serbia.

Yebiga partnered with acclaimed mixologist Naren Young to curate signature cocktails that feature Yebiga’s two rakijas – PRVA and BELA. Download Naren Young’s Cocktails here. While Yebiga is traditionally served neat, the brand is on a mission to help the US consumer understand the spirit and discover how special it really is. These signature Yebiga cocktails feature the rakija beautifully, showcasing what the product is all about and how it can be approachably mixed by any at-home imbiber. Not only that, but Rakija does have a different taste profile than many spirits out there, and mixing it in cocktails adds a unique signature to any drink.

Note: GSN was sent a bottle of BELA for review.

GSN’s Remarks: A true fruit brandy in that there is nothing but the distilled expression in the bottle. The plum flavor carries through with a light stonefruit sweetness. Slightly musky, somewhat dark and with a semi-creamy mouthfeel, this is a spirit begging to be utilized in a cocktail. Although, we did enjoy it neat as an after dinner aperitif. Well crafted, smooth and full of terroir, we recommend adding Yebiga to your back bar. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Yebiga

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GSN Review: Drake’s Organic Spirits & Spiked Ice

Drake’s is the only spirit brand to hold certifications from five of most recognized authorities, being USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher, vegan per, and gluten-free per Gluten-Free Organization. Drake’s products include Vodka, Rum, Spiced Rum, SpikedIce™ Pops, and a RTD cocktail line: BOXTAILS™. As Drake’s catchphrase says, “Better for you, better for the planet.”

The Vodka, Rum, Spiced Rum are 100% plant-based (e.g., clarified using coconut fibers rather than carbon which often contains bone char) and distilled from organic non-GMO cane sugar. Cane, vs. grain, has a negative carbon footprint vs. a very high carbon footprint. They also use no herbicides and pesticides.

Drake’s Organic SpikedIce Pops Variety Pack comes in three flavors – Mango Vodka Punch, Black Cherry Limeade, and Watermelon-Tini and are made with Drake’s all-organic vodka and white rum. The handheld ice pops feature 12% ABV and only 100 calories each.

Using USDA Organic fruit juice and Drake’s spirits, Drake’s Organic Boxtails are THE ONLY organic boxed cocktails on the market. The collapsible bladder inside the box keeps the Boxtails fresh and shelf-stable for up to 2 years, and the box is made of recycled cardboard. The boxes are 100% compostable, while the inner bladder and spigot are fully recyclable. They come in a variety of flavors including Minted Mojito, Watermelon-Tini, Blackcherry Limeade, Perfect Margarita, and Mango Punch.

Note: We were not sent the Boxtails for review.

  • The vodka is simply what it needs to be. It has an interesting flavor profile, with more vanilla than expected. But there is also a minerality and terroir that adds more character. GSN Rating: B
  • The white rum has a somewhat grassy profile, with again more body and apparent minerality. We especially like this one for Daiquiris. GSN Rating: B+
  • The spiced rum is our favorite, with a nice blend of woodiness, warm vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg. Drier than many spiced rums, this works in its favor when used in tiki drinks, cutting through the juice and adding balance. Try it in a Painkiller or a Pina Colada. GSN Rating: A-
  • The Spiked Ice pops are boozier than any others on the market, making them the equivalent of 2/3 of a glass of wine. The flavors are heavily fruity, but refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. What’s nice is that you can throw the whole box in the freezer and it only takes up as much room as two ice cube trays. Plus, they’re safer to have around the pool or patio, as there’s no possible breakage. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Drake’s Organic

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GSN Review: Cocktail & Sons Fassionola Syrup

While we were all stuck at home during the pandemic, at-home cocktail mixing was at an all-time high. Amatuer bartenders everywhere were making their own concoctions using simple, everyday ingredients. For those looking to level up their home bar inventory, Cocktail & Sons’ Fassionola is a unique and delicious syrup that significantly elevates classic and craft cocktails alike, such as the Hurricane and Cup of Cheer. In New Orleans, they’re officially in strawberry season and Fassionola syrup is available for purchase again, while supplies last.

Led by husband and wife team Max Messier and Lauren Myerscough, Cocktail & Sons have been making high-quality mixers and syrups using natural ingredients, local produce, and real sugars grown by Louisiana farmers since 2014. Among all of their products, Cocktails & Sons’ Fassionola is among their most popular. A re-imagining of the lost tiki syrup first produced in the 1950s for the original Hurricane cocktail, Fassionola is made using fresh strawberries from Johndales Farm in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, hibiscus flowers and lime. With a sweet flavor profile consisting of pineapple, mango and passionfruit, Fassionola is the go-to choice for making unique libations at home.

GSN’s Remarks: The strawberry character comes through loud and clear. The hibiscus has a softer touch, but is still noticeable. The other fruits don’t carry so much in terms of flavor, but add a tropical tartness to the affair. We really enjoyed this recreation of a lost syrup. Definitely try it in a Hurricane. You will never go back to pre-mixes or powders. We especially appreciate the support that the company shows to local farmers. Be sure to check out some of their many other syrups. They even have a few sample packs, along with seasonal releases like King Cake syrup and Watermelon & Thai Basil. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Cocktail & Sons

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GSN Spirited News: May 3rd 2022 Edition

San Antonio-based Maverick Spirits is introducing Samuel Maverick Agave Blanco, a Texas-made take on Tequila. It is distilled from 100% Blue Agave nectar using a hybrid still (pot and column) and bottled in-house. Maverick Spirit’s Agave Blanco is available in 750-ml. bottles for a suggested retail price of $40 online and at the distillery in San Antonio. It is distributed by Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) in Texas.

Mijenta Tequila has launched a new añejo expression, the first from the luxury-priced brand. The Tequila matured for 18 months in a combination of four different barrel types—American white oak, French oak, French acacia casks, and cherry barrels—before bottling at 40% abv. Mijenta Gran Añejo, created by author and Tequila Maestra Ana Maria Romero, is available in limited quantities, with only 2,160 bottles available for a suggested price of $199 a 750-ml.

Seattle, Washington’s Westland Distillery, part of the Rémy Cointreau portfolio, has announced Colere Edition 2 American Single Malt Whiskey, the latest addition to the distillery’s Outpost Range of whiskies. The 50% abv whiskey is distilled from Talisman barley and matures in used oak casks, a decision the distillery made to highlight the grain over barrel influence. For the second edition of Colere, Westland has released 3,000 bottles to select retailers for a suggested price of $150 a 700-ml. bottle.

Cardenxe is a new sotol brand launching this week. Sotol is a Mexican spirit native to the Chihuahua region distilled from the dasylirion plant, a member of the asparagaceae family. Cardenxe, whose name references both a historical music genre from the region and a cactus that often grows along with the sotol plant, is launching with two varieties: Sotol De La Sierra (40% abv, $90 a 750-ml) and Sotol De Desierto (45% abv, $60). It is available online and at select retail locations in New York City.

Brown-Forman has announced two new permanent extensions in the Jack Daniel’s family of whiskies, kicking off the company’s series of bonded releases. Jack Daniel’s Bonded is a higher abv version of the company’s flagship Tennessee whiskey bottled in accordance with the Bottled in Bond act. The second whiskey, Triple Mash, is a blend of bonded Tennessee whiskey, rye, and American malt whiskey. Both whiskies are at 50% abv with the Bonded Tennessee whiskey retailing for $30 a bottle and the Triple Mash going for $33. Both are packaged in 700-ml. bottles.

Georgetown, Kentucky’s Blue Run Spirits has launched Reflection I, the company’s second whiskey release this year. The whiskey was distilled by Jim Rutledge at Castle & Key in 2018, and just 200 barrels were blended for the new release, which is bottled at 47.5% abv. Reflection I is now available in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas through RNDC; Georgia via Savannah; South Carolina and Tennessee through Advintage; Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Delaware from Prestige-Ledroit; California, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida via Breakthru; and New Jersey from Fedway Associates for a suggested price of $90 a 750-ml.

Luxco has launched Alias Straight Rye Whiskey. Distilled at Luxco’s Ross & Squibb Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Alias is bottled at 45% abv and is available starting this month. Alias Straight Rye Whiskey features a mashbill that is 51% rye, 45% corn, and 4% barley malt. The brand’s name pays tribute to American early female distilling pioneers, many of whom used their initials to hide their gender in order to own and operate distilleries.

Scottish gin Caorunn has launched its Highland Strength gin in the U.S. The 54% abv gin is made using a blend of Scottish botanicals—rowan berry, bog myrtle, heather, dandelion, and Coul Blush apple—and traditional gin aromatics, and is produced in a Copper Berry Chamber, an essential oil extractor originally designed for making perfume. Caorunn Highland Strength is now available across the U.S. for a suggested price of $40 a bottle.

Louisville, Kentucky-based Buzzard’s Roost is relaunching its inaugural whiskey under a new name. Char 1 Rye, formerly known as Very Small Batch Rye, is a three-year-old Indiana rye whiskey. “We are the first whiskey brand to only use Char 1 barrels for the second barrel maturation, and we do it because of what it brings to the whiskey in terms of flavor and color,” noted co-founder and master blender Jason Brauner. Retailing at $49 a 750-ml., the 52.5% abv whiskey has a mashbill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It’s currently distributed to Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Mexico, and Arkansas, with further expansion planned.

Calirosa Tequila has launched its first limited edition extra añejo. The tequila, like all of Calirosa’s offerings, matured in California red wine barrels; in this case, the extra añejo aged for five years before bottling at 40% abv. The spirit is made at the Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico-based facility owned by the Real family and led by master distiller Luis Trejo Rodriguez. Calirosa Cinco Años Extra Añejo carries a suggested price of $299 a 750-ml. and will be available through Total Wine’s Concierge membership program as well as at select liquor stores across the U.S.

The Brand House’s Omage brandy is now available in cities across the U.S. The brandy—available in VS, VSOP, and XO expressions—is made using California grapes and is inspired by the production and aging methods found in Cognac. The expressions are aged for two, four, and six years, respectively, and carry suggested retail prices of $26, $36, and $90. Currently available in cities like New York, Boston, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others, the brand is planning for further expansion this year.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Brews News: May 3rd 2022 Edition

Diageo has released Smirnoff Ice Poco Pico variety pack, the latest extension to the flavored malt beverage brand. The 12-pack contains Spicy Tamarind, Mango Chili, Pineapple Jalapeño, and Spicy Margarita-flavored drinks, all at 4.5% abv. The Smirnoff Ice versions of these flavor follow last fall’s Smirnoff Seltzer Poco Pico 12-pack, which contained the same flavors in hard seltzer form. The new 12-pack is available for a suggested price of $16.

Texas-based Ranch Rider Spirits has launched a new Margarita RTD, the sixth release in the company’s portfolio of Tequila- and vodka-based canned cocktails. Ranch Rider’s Margarita comes in at 5.99% abv and is made with Reposado Tequila, orange and lime juices, sparkling water, and sea salt. Each 12-ounce can contains 129 calories and is available in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans for around $14.

Bloomington, Indiana’s Cardinal Spirits has expanded its lineup of canned cocktails, adding the new Florita Tequila Soda to its portfolio. The 8.5% abv RTD is made with Tequila, the distillery’s own Flora liqueur (made with elderflower, jasmine, hibiscus, and raspberries), and citrus soda. The new release joins Cardinal Spirits’ four other RTDs and will be available in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Alert: Tales of the Cocktail Foundation announces the Regional Top 10 Honorees for the 2022 Spirited Awards

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation (TOTCF) is pleased to announce the regional top 10 honorees for the 16th annual Spirited Awards® in an effort to recognize the depth of talent across our global spirits community. Since its founding in 2007, the Spirited Awards® have become one of the industry’s most sought-after awards, recognizing beverage professionals, products, and establishments across every facet of the spirits and cocktail community on a global scale. In partnership with Forbes, the Spirited Awards® official media partner, TOTCF will honor recipients during the Tales of the Cocktail® (TOTC) conference, which is returning for an in-person celebration in New Orleans from July 25-29, 2022. 

“Returning to an in-person celebration for our 20-year anniversary means it’s more important than ever to support one another and celebrate our phenomenal industry,” said Tales of the Cocktail Foundation CEO Eileen Wayner. “We are honored to take this opportunity to thank all of our colleagues in the cocktail community for their contributions to the industry, and offer our congratulations to all of this year’s regional honorees.” 

This year, an exceptional number of Spirited Awards® submissions were received across all categories, a testament to the hospitality industry’s continued participation in recognizing the hard work and achievements of our colleagues in the industry – even despite unprecedented hardships. In that spirit, the Foundation is proud to announce the Regional Top 10 honorees, broken into regions in the Asia Pacific (APAC), Canada, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C), Middle East & Africa (MEA), U.S. Central, U.S. East, and U.S. West. 

2022 Spirited Awards® Regional Top 10 Honorees (in alphabetical order):


Best International Bar Team presented by House of Angostura

Best International Bar Team – Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • AHA Saloon — Taipei, Taiwan
  • Charles H. Seoul at the Four Seasons Hotel — Seoul, South Korea
  • Havana Social — Bangkok, Thailand
  • Jigger & Pony at the Amara Hotel — Singapore
  • MAYBE SAMMY — Sydney, Australia
  • MO BAR at the Mandarin Oriental — Singapore
  • No Sleep Club — Singapore
  • Tropic City Cocktail Bar— Bangkok, Thailand
  • Union Trading Company — Shanghai, China
  • Vesper Cocktail Bar — Bangkok, Thailand

Best International Bar Team – Canada

  • Atwater Cocktail Club — Montreal, Canada
  • Bar Kismet — Halifax, Canada
  • Bar Raval — Toronto, Canada
  • Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel — Vancouver, Canada
  • Mahjong Bar — Toronto, Canada
  • Milky Way Cocktail Bar — Montreal, Canada
  • Pourhouse — Vancouver, Canada
  • The Cloakroom Bar — Montréal, Canada
  • The Coldroom — Montreal, Canada
  • The Keefer Bar — Vancouver, Canada

Best International Bar Team – Europe

  • Le Calbar — Paris, France
  • Lyaness at Sea Containers London — London, UK
  • Paradiso — Barcelona, Spain
  • Parovoz SpeakEasy — Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Salmon Guru — Madrid, Spain
  • Tayēr + Elementary — London, UK
  • The Cambridge Public House — Paris, France
  • The Clumsies — Athens, Greece
  • The Donovan Bar at the Brown’s Hotel — London, UK
  • Two Schmucks — Barcelona, Spain

Best International Bar Team – Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C)

  • ALQUÍMICO — Cartagena, Colombia
  • Bar Las Brujas — Mexico City, México
  • El Gallo Altanero — Guadalajara, México
  • Gitano Jungle — Tulum, México
  • Hanky Panky — Mexico City, México
  • Kaito del Valle — Mexico City, México
  • La Factoría — San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Mar y Zielo — Cartagena, Colombia
  • Mulberry Project at La Zebra hotel — Tulum, México
  • Tres Monos — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best International Bar Team – Middle East & Africa (MEA)* 

  • Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen & Cape Brandy Bar — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Front Back Accra — Accra, Ghana
  • Galaxy Bar — Dubai, UAE
  • Josephine Baker — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • La Otra — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lucky Shaker — Umhlanga, South Africa
  • Sin + Tax — Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Spicehaus — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • The House of Machines — Cape Town, South Africa
  • The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill — JBR Dubai, UAE
  • Tipamara — Tel Aviv, Israel

*Includes 11 honorees due to a tie

Best International Cocktail Bar presented by Tequila Fortaleza

Best International Cocktail Bar – Asia Pacific (APAC)*

  • Bar TRENCH — Tokyo, Japan
  • BYRDI — Melbourne, Australia
  • Clipper — Auckland, New Zealand
  • COA — Hong Kong, China
  • JungleBird — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • MAYBE SAMMY — Sydney, Australia
  • Nutmeg & Clove — Singapore
  • Old Mate’s Place — Sydney, Australia
  • Sidecar — New Delhi, India
  • Southside Parlor — Seoul, South Korea
  • The Diplomat — Hong Kong, China
  • The Pontiac — Hong Kong, China
  • The SG Club — Tokyo, Japan

*Includes 13 honorees due to a tie

Best International Cocktail Bar – Canada

  • Atwater Cocktail Club — Montreal, Canada
  • Bar Mordecai — Toronto, Canada
  • Civil Liberties — Toronto, Canada
  • Cry Baby Gallery — Toronto, Canada
  • Grapes & Soda — Vancouver, Canada
  • Milk Tiger — Calgary, Canada
  • Paper Lantern — Calgary, Canada
  • Proof — Calgary, Canada
  • The Cloakroom Bar — Montréal, Canada
  • The Keefer Bar — Vancouver, Canada

Best International Cocktail Bar – Europe*

  • A bar called Gemma — Stockholm, Sweden
  • Cask — Cork City, Ireland
  • Freni e Frizioni — Rome, Italy
  • Laki Kane — London, UK
  • Paradiso — Barcelona, Spain
  • Parovoz SpeakEasy — Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Red Frog — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Salmon Guru — Madrid, Spain
  • Satan’s Whiskers — London, UK
  • Tayēr + Elementary — London, UK
  • Three Sheets — London, UK
  • Two Schmucks — Barcelona, Spain

*Includes 12 honorees due to a tie

Best International Cocktail Bar – Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C)

  • ALQUIMICO — Cartagena, Colombia
  • Café Ocampo — Mexico City, México
  • Carnaval Bar — Lima, Peru
  • El Barón Cafe & Liquor Bar — Cartagena, Colombia
  • Florería Atlántico — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hanky Panky — Mexico City, México
  • Kaito del Valle — Mexico City, México
  • Selva Oaxaca — Oaxaca City, México
  • Selvática — San José, Costa Rica
  • Tres Monos — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best International Cocktail Bar – Middle East & Africa (MEA)

  • Bolero — Batroun, Lebanon
  • Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen & Cape Brandy Bar — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Double Standard — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Front Back Accra — Accra, Ghana
  • Galaxy Bar — Dubai, UAE
  • Revolver Cocktail Bar — Nairobi, Kenya
  • Shinko — Cairo, Egypt
  • Sin + Tax — Johannesburg, South Africa
  • The Art of Duplicity — Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Republic Bar & Grill — Accra, Ghana

Best International Hotel Bar presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

Best International Hotel Bar – Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • Bar Trigona at the Four Seasons Hotel — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Charles H. Seoul at the Four Seasons Hotel — Seoul, South Korea
  • Flaggerdoot Cocktail Lounge at the Jackalope — Melbourne, Australia
  • Jigger & Pony at the Amara Hotel — Singapore
  • MO BAR at the Mandarin Oriental — Singapore
  • Origin Bar at The Shangri-La Hotel — Singapore
  • Punch Room at The Shanghai EDITION — Shanghai, China
  • The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental — Bangkok, Thailand
  • The St Regis Bar HK — Hong Kong, China
  • Writers Bar at the Raffles Hotel — Singapore

Best International Hotel Bar – Canada*

  • 1608 Bar at the Fairmont Château Frontenac — Quebec City, Canada
  • Bar Artéfact at Auberge Saint-Antoine Hotel — Québec, Canada
  • Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel — Vancouver, Canada
  • Clive’s Classic Lounge — Victoria, Canada
  • Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel — Toronto, Canada
  • Library Bar at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel — Toronto, Canada
  • Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim — Vancouver, Canada
  • Nacarat at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth — Montreal, Canada
  • The Lounge at the Drake Hotel — Toronto, Canada
  • The Raven Room at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre — Whistler, Canada
  • Wilks’ Bar at Langdon Hall — Cambridge, Canada

*Includes 11 honorees due to a tie

Best International Hotel Bar – Europe

  • Lyaness at Sea Containers London — London, UK
  • Mandarin Bar & Bistrot at the Mandarin Oriental — Milan, Italy
  • Pulitzer’s Bar at the Pulitzer Amsterdam — Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Punch Room at The Barcelona EDITION — Barcelona, Spain
  • St Regis Bar at the St Regis hotel — Venice, Italy
  • The American Bar at The Stafford London — London, UK
  • The Coral Room at the Bloomsbury Hotel — London, UK
  • The Donovan Bar at the Brown’s Hotel — London, UK
  • The Mezzanine at The Stratford hotel — London, UK
  • Widder Bar at the Widder Hotel — Zürich, Switzerland

Best International Hotel Bar – Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C)

  • ACRE Baja — San José del Cabo, México
  • Apache at The Click Clack Hotel — Bogotá, Colombia
  • Bekeb at the Hotel Casa Hoyos — San Miguel de Allende, México
  • Celajes Lounge Bar — Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Fifty Mils at the Four Seasons Hotel — Mexico City, México
  • Hotel B Relais & Chateaux — Lima, Peru
  • Mezcaleria Gota Gorda at the Soiree Boutique Hotel — Oaxaca, México
  • Nobu Los Cabos at Nobu Hotel — Los Cabos, México
  • Tigre at Hotel Casa Awolly — Mexico City, México
  • Townhouse Rooftop at Townhouse Boutique Hotel and Rooftop — Cartagena, Colombia

Best International Hotel Bar – Middle East & Africa (MEA)

  • Bulgari Bar at The Bvlgari Resort — Dubai, UAE
  • Bushwick at the Atlas Hotel — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Gigi Rooftop Restaurant & Bar at the Gorgeous George Hotel — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar in the Imperial Hotel — Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Planet Bar at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sky 28 at the Kenzi Tower Hotel — Casablanca, Morocco
  • Tambourin Rooftop Lounge and Bar at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel — Nairobi, Kenya
  • The Willaston Bar at The Silo Hotel — Cape Town, South Africa

Best International Restaurant Bar presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

Best International Restaurant Bar – Asia Pacific (APAC)*

  • Bar Torino — Adelaide, Australia
  • Caffe Fernet — Singapore
  • Cork & Screw Country Club — Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Happy Stan — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • KOR Shanghai — Shanghai, China
  • KOR Taipei — Taipei, Taiwan
  • Shady Acres — Hong Kong, China
  • Skye Manila — Taguig, Philippines
  • The Continental Deli — Newtown, Australia
  • The Dragon Chamber — Singapore
  • The Reservoire — Bangalore, India
  • Union Bar & Brasserie — Jakarta, Indonesia

*Includes 12 honorees due to a tie

Best International Restaurant Bar – Canada

  • Aloette — Toronto, Canada
  • Bar Kismet — Halifax, Canada
  • Bar Koukla — Toronto, Canada
  • Highwayman Restaurant & Bar — Halifax, Canada
  • Kissa Tanto — Vancouver, Canada
  • Le Majestique — Montreal, Canada
  • Pourhouse — Vancouver, Canada
  • Published on Main — Vancouver, Canada
  • Restaurant Yarrow — Edmonton, Canada
  • The Ostrich Club — Halifax, Canada

Best International Restaurant Bar – Europe

  • Angelita Madrid — Madrid, Spain
  • Bonhomie — Paris, France
  • Carico Milano — Milan, Italy
  • Ceresio 7 — Milan, Italy
  • Danico — Paris, France
  • Le Mary Celeste — Paris, France
  • Locale Firenze — Florence, Italy
  • Odori Vermuteria Di Atene — Athens, Greece
  • Sexy Fish — London, UK
  • Tjoget — Stockholm, Sweden

Best International Restaurant Bar – Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C)

  • Arca Tulum — Tulum, Mexico
  • CASA CAVIA — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante — Oaxaca, México
  • Celele — Cartagena, Colombia
  • El Destilado — Oaxaca City, México
  • La Mariposario — Lima, Peru
  • LEO — Bogota, Colombia
  • Mar y Zielo — Cartagena, Colombia
  • Mesa Franca — Bogotá, Colombia
  • Pujol — Mexico City, México

Best International Restaurant Bar – Middle East & Africa (MEA)

  • Amazonico Dubai — Dubai, UAE
  • Elgr — South Africa, Cape Town
  • Ferdinand — Beirut, Lebanon
  • LPM Restaurant & Bar — Dubai, UAE
  • Marble — Johannesburg, South Africa
  • MASTI – Cocktails & Cuisine — Dubai, UAE
  • Mawimbi Seafood & Cafe — Nairobi, Kenya
  • Sachi Heliopolis — Cairo, Egypt
  • The Athletic Club & Social — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Zuma Dubai — Dubai, UAE

Best New International Cocktail Bar presented by Stranger & Sons

Best New International Cocktail Bar – Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • Apollonia — Sydney, Australia
  • ARGO — Hong Kong, China
  • DEAN & NANCY — Sydney, Australia
  • Pearl Diver Cocktails and Oysters — Melbourne, Australia
  • Quality Goods Club — Hong Kong, China
  • RE — Sydney, Australia
  • Republic at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia — Singapore
  • Sago House — Singapore
  • Teresa Cocktail Bar — Napier, New Zealand
  • The Bellwood — Tokyo, Japan

Best New International Cocktail Bar – Canada*

  • Bar Pompette — Toronto, Canada
  • Chez Ernest — Montreal, Canada
  • Corsair — Toronto, Canada
  • Dear Friend — Dartmouth, Canada
  • Laowai — Vancouver, Canada
  • Major Tom — Calgary, Canada
  • The Chickadee Room — Vancouver, Canada

Best New International Cocktail Bar – Europe

  • a bar with shapes for a name — London, UK
  • Amaro Bar — London, UK
  • Isa Gastrobar at the Four Seasons Hotel — Madrid, Spain
  • Publiq. — London, UK
  • Quattro Teste — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Schofield’s Bar — Manchester, UK
  • Side Hustle at the NoMad — London, UK
  • SIPS — Barcelona, Spain
  • The Pineapple Club — Birmingham, UK
  • Wax On — Berlin, Germany

Best New International Cocktail Bar – Latin America & Caribbean (LATAM&C)

  • Bête Noire FM — Ensenada, México
  • Bootlegger Speakeasy Bar — Puebla, México
  • COCHINCHINA — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • HiddenBar — Lima, Peru
  • Lady Bee — Lima, Peru
  • LaUat bar — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Matilde Mi Amor — Guadalajara, México
  • Next Door — Georgetown, Cayman Islands
  • Osten — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Zapote Bar at the Rosewood Mayakoba — Playa del Carmen, México

Best New International Cocktail Bar – Middle East & Africa (MEA)

  • Dead End Paradise — Beirut, Lebanon
  • Fable — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Mimi Kakushi — Dubai, UAE
  • Roka Dubai — Dubai, UAE
  • Sinnerman — Nairobi, Kenya
  • The Drinkery — Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tortuga Rum Bar — Nairobi, Kenya
  • Zioux — Johannesburg, South Africa


Best U.S. Bar Team presented by William Grant & Sons

Best U.S. Bar Team – U.S. Central

  • Half Step — Austin, TX
  • Jewel of the South — New Orleans, LA
  • Johnny’s Gold Brick — Houston, TX
  • Kumiko — Chicago, IL
  • Manolito — New Orleans, LA
  • Porco Lounge & Tiki Room — Cleveland, OH
  • The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash — Chicago, IL
  • The Roosevelt Room — Austin, TX
  • The Sugar House — Detroit, MI
  • Three Dots and a Dash — Chicago, IL

Best U.S. Bar Team – U.S. East*

  • Allegory at the Eaton Hotel — Washington, D.C.
  • Attaboy — New York, NY
  • Jaguar Sun — Miami, FL
  • Katana Kitten — New York, NY
  • Mace Bar — New York, NY
  • Proof — Charleston, SC
  • The Long Island Bar — Brooklyn, NY
  • Service Bar DC — Washington, DC
  • Silver Lyan at the Riggs Washington DC — Washington, DC
  • Sugar Monk — New York, NY
  • Ticonderoga Club — Atlanta, GA

*Includes 11 honorees due to a tie

Best U.S. Bar Team – U.S. West

  • Big Bar — Los Angeles, CA
  • Cleaver – Butchered Meats, Seafood & Classic Cocktails — Las Vegas, NV
  • Death & Co. at the Ramble Hotel — Denver, CO
  • Lady Jane — Denver, CO
  • Paper Plane — San Jose, CA
  • Rob Roy — Seattle, WA
  • Rumba — Seattle, WA
  • The Snug — Sacramento, CA
  • Thunderbolt — Los Angeles, CA
  • True Laurel — San Francisco, CA

Best U.S. Cocktail Bar presented by Absolut Vodka

Best U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. Central 

  • Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 — New Orleans, LA
  • DrinkWell — Austin, TX
  • Julep — Houston, TX
  • Longfellow’s Other Room — Cincinnati, OH
  • Queen’s Park — Birmingham, AL
  • The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash — Chicago, IL
  • The Roosevelt Room — Austin, TX
  • The Violet Hour — Chicago, IL
  • The Whistler — Chicago, IL
  • Vault — Fayetteville, AR

Best U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. East

  • Bar Goto — New York, NY
  • Bar Goto Niban — Brooklyn, NY
  • Katana Kitten — New York, NY
  • Mace Bar — New York, NY
  • Pearl Diver — Nashville, TN
  • Portland Hunt + Alpine Club — Portland, ME
  • Proof — Charleston, SC
  • Raines Law Room Chelsea — New York, NY
  • Service Bar — Washington, DC
  • The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club — Nashville, TN

Best U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. West

  • Bar Leather Apron — Honolulu, HI
  • Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour — Phoenix, AZ
  • Century Grand — Phoenix, AZ
  • Jammyland Cocktail Bar & Reggae Kitchen — Las Vegas, NV
  • Thunderbolt — Los Angeles, CA
  • Navy Strength — Seattle, WA
  • Occidental — Denver, CO
  • Teardrop Lounge — Portland, OR
  • The Snug — Sacramento, CA
  • Wildhawk — San Francisco, CA

Best U.S. Hotel Bar presented by Grey Goose

Best U.S. Hotel Bar – U.S. Central 

  • Bar Marilou at the Maison de la Luz — New Orleans, LA
  • Bourbon “O” Jazz Bar at Bourbon Orleans Hotel — New Orleans, LA
  • Evening Bar at the Shinola hotel — Detroit, MI
  • Hot Tin at the Pontchartrain Hotel — New Orleans, LA
  • Lazy Bird at The Hoxton — Chicago, IL
  • Midnight Rambler at the Joule — Dallas, TX
  • The Driskill Bar at The Driskill Hotel — Austin, TX
  • The Elysian Bar at the Hotel Peter and Paul — New Orleans, LA
  • The Library at the Detroit Club — Detroit, MI
  • Vaso Dublin at AC Hotel Columbus Dublin — Dublin, OH

Best U.S. Hotel Bar – U.S. East

  • Allegory at the Eaton Hotel — Washington, D.C.
  • Champagne Bar at The Surf Club Miami — Miami, FL
  • Dear Irving on Hudson at the Aliz Hotel — New York, NY
  • El Quijote at Hotel Chelsea — New York, NY
  • JIMMY at ModernHaus SoHo — New York, NY
  • King Cole Bar at The St. Regis New York — New York, NY
  • L.A. Jackson at the Thompson Nashville — Nashville, TN
  • Orilla Bar & Grill at the Urbanica the Euclid Hotel — Miami Beach, FL
  • Silver Lyan at the Riggs Washington DC — Washington, DC
  • The Living Room at The Dewberry — Charleston, SC

Best U.S. Hotel Bar – U.S. West

  • ARDOR at The West Hollywood EDITION — West Hollywood, CA
  • Hey Love at The Jupiter — Portland, OR
  • Libertine Social at the Mandalay Bay — Las Vegas, NV
  • Little Rituals at the Residence Inn/Courtyard by Marriott — Phoenix, AZ
  • Mayor’s Table at the Lido House Newport — Newport Beach, CA
  • Mountaineering Club at the Graduate Seattle Hotel — Seattle, WA
  • Stella. at Hotel Sorrento — Seattle, WA
  • The Amigo Room at Ace Hotel & Swim Club — Palm Springs, CA
  • The Manor Bar at Rosewood Miramar Beach — Montecito, California
  • The Tap Room at the Langham Huntington— Los Angeles, CA

Best U.S. Restaurant Bar presented by Maison Ferrand

Best U.S. Restaurant Bar – U.S. Central* 

  • Automatic Seafood and Oysters — Birmingham, AL
  • Coltivare — Houston, TX
  • Copper Spoon — Fort Wayne, IN
  • Jewel of the South — New Orleans, LA
  • Kumiko — Chicago, IL
  • Monteverde — Chicago, IL
  • Rosie Cannonball — Houston, TX
  • Saba — New Orleans, LA
  • Spoon and Stable — Minneapolis, MN
  • Takoi — Detroit, MI
  • Thyme X Table — Bay Village, OH
  • Watershed Kitchen and Bar — Columbus, OH

*Includes 12 honorees due to a tie

Best U.S. Restaurant Bar – U.S. East

  • Café La Trova — Miami, FL
  • Chickadee — Boston, MA
  • Cosme — New York, NY
  • Crown Shy — New York, NY
  • Gramercy Tavern — New York, NY
  • Jaguar Sun — Miami, FL
  • Kimball House — Decatur, GA
  • Llama San — New York, NY
  • Macchialina — Miami, FL
  • Sunny’s at Lot 6 — Miami, FL

Best U.S. Restaurant Bar – U.S. West

  • Across the Pond — Phoenix, AZ
  • Bavel — Los Angeles, CA
  • Cleaver – Butchered Meats, Seafood & Classic Cocktails — Las Vegas, NV
  • L’Oursin — Seattle, WA
  • Otium — Los Angeles, CA
  • Redbird — Los Angeles, CA
  • Republique — Los Angeles, CA
  • Strong Water Anaheim — Anaheim, CA
  • Sunday Vinyl — Denver, CO
  • Tavernetta — Denver, CO

Best New U.S. Cocktail Bar presented by Aviation Gin

Best New U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. Central 

  • Angel Share — Houston, TX
  • Apothecary — Dallas, TX
  • Bar Loretta — San Antonio, TX
  • Chandelier Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel — New Orleans, LA
  • Dragonfly — Detroit, MI
  • Law Bird — Columbus, OH
  • Settle Down Tavern — Madison, WI
  • Supergeil — Detroit, MI
  • Tiki Tatsu-Ya — Austin, TX
  • Trash Panda Drinking Club — Houston, TX

Best New U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. East

  • Delbar — Atlanta, GA
  • Double Chicken Please — New York, NY
  • Hoja Taqueria — Miami, FL
  • Last Saint — Charleston, SC
  • Margot Natural Wine Bar — Miami, FL
  • O.K.P.B. — Washington, DC
  • Overstory — New York, NY
  • Temple Bar — New York, NY
  • The Bar at Audrey — Nashville, TN
  • The Sunken Harbor Club — Brooklyn, NY

Best New U.S. Cocktail Bar – U.S. West

  • Bar Maze — Honolulu, HI
  • Bicyclette — Los Angeles, CA
  • Forget Me Not — Denver, CO
  • Happy Accidents — Alburquerque, NM
  • Highball Cocktail Bar — Phoenix, AZ
  • Inside Passage — Seattle, WA
  • Kona’s Street Market — San Francisco, CA
  • Palmetto — Oakland, CA
  • Trade Winds Tavern — Seattle, WA
  • Yacht Club — Denver, CO

GSN Review: Teremana Anejo Tequila

Teremana tequila recently announced the launch of Teremana Añejo, which is available in limited quantities. Founded by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson together with co-owners and business partners Ken Austin, Jenna Fagnan, Dany Garcia and the Lopez family from Jalisco, Mexico; Teremana Añejo joins Teremana’s blanco and reposado tequilas.

Teremana Añejo is made using only fully mature blue weber agave from the Jalisco Highlands, slow roasted in small traditional brick ovens, and distilled in handmade copper pot stills. Following this process, Teremana Añejo is placed into American Whiskey barrels to age. Each bottle of Teremana Añejo is dipped by hand in black wax before being hand packaged at the brand’s distillery, Destileria Teremana De Agave, in the small highland town of Jesus Maria in Jalisco. The exclusive distillery was built together with the Lopez family, who are experts in the tradition of agave growing and tequila making.

For Founder Dwayne Johnson, Teremana Añejo marks a milestone in his tequila journey, which was over ten years in the making. “It is with enormous pride that we reveal Teremana Añejo, a spirit that we’ve been waiting patiently for since well before we announced the launch of Teremana last year.  Teremana Añejo is made the right way – with respect and mana. My master distilling team and I finally feel that our añejo is aged to perfection and is ready to be bottled up and delivered. I’m so excited for you all to finally taste it and continue to enjoy the Tequila of The People!”

GSN’s Remarks: A dark character, that is full of self assurance and vigor. We really enjoyed the effect that the ex-whiskey cask aging had on this spirit. Lending a sweetness, and familiar chewiness, this tequila has a lot going on. First a lot of wood, creating a tight and dry entry, then switching to a patina of sweet, yet oaky intensity. There are some notes of butterscotch, caramel and vanilla, but mostly a plethora of wood stave, lending a spicy and toasty sensation on the palate. Definitely designed for sipping, we recommend serving over single large rock of ice. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Teremana


Off the heels from Guac on The Rock’s groundbreaking success last year, it’s back again for year two. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Teremana Tequila are encouraging people across the country to once again support their local restaurants and bars and will personally reimburse people for their guac orders up to the value of $1M. I’d love for you to consider writing about it.
Guac on The Rock will be live from May 1st – May 8th, coinciding with Dwayne’s birthday (May 2nd) and Cinco de Mayo (May 5th). Here’s how it works:
  • WHO: Consumers 21 and over in states where allowed
  • WHAT: Purchase a Teremana cocktail with an order of guac and be reimbursed up to $10—whether you dine in or take out. All you need to do is upload an itemized receipt by heading directly to or by scanning the unique QR code in the restaurant 
  • WHEN: May 1st – May 8th

GSN Review: Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino

First released in Mexico, Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino is now available nationwide in the U.S. Combining more than 225 years of  tequila expertise and craftsmanship with modern innovation, Cuervo’s entry into the Cristalino category is poised to bring this emerging tequila expression to the masses.

The rapidly growing Cristalino category offers tequilas that carry the complexity of an aged spirit, but with a smoothness and clarity that many tequila fans enjoy. Cristalino tequilas are currently the fastest growing tequila segment in the U.S., growing at four times the rate of the tequila category.

“Cristalinos are exciting because they offer an incredibly smooth, yet complex tasting experience that’s unlike any other tequila expression,” said Alex Coronado, Head of Production and Master Distiller for Jose Cuervo. “When creating a Cristalino for Jose Cuervo, we wanted to make sure the liquid stayed true to the original Cuervo family recipe, while offering an expression that’s on the cutting edge of what’s exciting in the tequila category. That’s why we created a Cristalino made with a unique blend of three tequila expressions: Tradicional Reposado, Tradicional Añejo, and Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo. The result is a tequila that offers incredible smoothness, all while maintaining a rich, layered taste due to the complex aging process.”

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino starts in the agave fields, where 100% Blue Weber agave plants are grown at the base of the Volcán de Tequila before being sent to La Rojeña, Latin America’s oldest active distillery. The piñas are then cooked in brick ovens, before being distilled in copper stills, following the original Cuervo family recipe from 1795. The aging process then results in a blend of three expressions: Reposado, which is matured in American oak barrels, Añejo, also matured in American oak, and Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo, aged in French oak and American oak barrels. Reposado is the dominant expression in the blend, giving the liquid a light and balanced herbal essence, with primary notes of cooked agave. After maturation, the tequila blend then goes through a signature refinement process to selectively remove the amber color. Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino maintains the aroma and taste of an aged tequila, but with a crystal clear appearance.

GSN’s Remarks: Very smooth and elegant entry with a vanilla forward overtone. The agave flavor is clean, fresh and warm. What is most intriguing about this spirit is the blend of differing woods and agings. There is a fair amount of dry tannin in the overall character, but it is well balanced by the agave, almost giving it a sweet corn similarity. We definitely recommend this as a sipper, but it will also work as a stellar highlight in an anejo cocktail. A welcome addition to the Cuervo portfolio! GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Cuervo


GSN Spirited News: May 3rd 2022 Edition

Boston-based Latitude Beverage is extending Tequila Zarpado with a new Reposado expression. Rested in ex-Kentucky Bourbon barrels for three to four months, the new offering retails at $27 a 750-ml. and joins the existing Tequila Zarpado Blanco ($23) in the range. The new Reposado is debuting on store shelves across 14 states, as well as online. The Latitude Beverage portfolio also includes 90+ Cellars and Wheel Horse Whiskey.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee-based Ole Smoky Distillery is expanding distribution of two of its moonshine flavors. Both newer additions to the lineup, the two receiving national visibility are White Chocolate Strawberry Cream and Banana Pudding Cream. They’re available now across the U.S. in 50-ml. Mini Moonshine jars as well as original 750-ml. sizing. 

Proximo Spirits-owned Stranahan’s whiskey has unveiled an Añejo Cask expression as the latest release in its limited-edition series of distillery exclusives. Retailing at $70, Stranahan’s Añejo Cask is an American single malt made from a marriage of six to nine-year-old whiskey initially aged in virgin American oak barrels, with up to two and a half years spent in casks that previously held Reserva de Familia Extra Añejo Tequila. The 45% abv offering is available exclusively at Stranahan’s distillery in Denver, Colorado.

The Glenrothes, part of the Edrington portfolio, has launched a limited edition 36 Year Old Single Cask Scotch whisky. Only 168 bottles are available for $3,600 each. After buying a bottle, purchasers will receive an NFT featuring custom artwork—also featured on the bottle packaging—created by The New Yorker illustrator Maddie Dai. The NFT will also provide access to real world experiences around the globe, including the potential to travel to the distillery in Rothes, Scotland, which is not traditionally open to visitors. 

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Brews News: May 3rd 2022 Edition

Hood River, Oregon-based Full Sail Brewing Company is releasing the latest in its Strong Current IPA Series. The new release is a West Coast style Double IPA called Believing is Seeing. It’s brewed with pale malt and oats alongside Azacca and Citra hops and promises notes of tropical fruit, mango, and tangerine. At 8.5% abv, Believing is Seeing Double IPA is available now through June in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and limited draft.

Diageo-owned Lone River Beverage Company, maker of Ranch Water hard seltzer, is extending its brand with Lone River Ranch Rita. Made with agave nectar, the drink is a premium take on a canned Margarita-style beverage, at 6% abv. Lone River Ranch Rita is available in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans as well as 16- and 23.5-ounce single cans. Diageo acquired the brand last year for an undisclosed sum.

A team of celebrity partners has collaborated to launch a new cocktail brand, Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits. Named for a renowned Prohibition-era mixologist, the brand’s initial lineup includes four offerings, each aligned with one or several of its celebrity partners: Sarah Jessica Parker—The Perfect Cosmo; John Cena—The Classic Old Fashioned; Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa Hudgens—The Margalicious Margarita; and Playboi Carti—The Hardscatto. Thomas Ashbourne cocktails carry an average suggested retail price of $16 per 375-ml. bottle and $26 for a four-pack of 200-ml. cans. They’re launching this month in California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington, and New York, with a national rollout slated for the summer. All four Thomas Ashbourne branded cocktails are kosher certified and gluten-free with a premium spirit base that ranges from 20%-25% abv.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Alert: Cointreau And Uber Eats Toast To Summer With Margarita Mobiles And The Margarita Market

Cointreau, the essential ingredient in The Original Margarita which has stood the test of over 70 years, is teaming up with  Uber Eats to kick-off summertime with the ultimate Cinco de Mayo celebrations, bringing the magic of Uber Eats on-demand delivery and unmatched quality and taste of Cointreau directly to consumers in key markets nationwide.

Beginning today, consumers can head to the Margarita Market, an in-app destination exclusively on Uber Eats in select cities where they can order everything they need to mix up The Original Margarita. The Margarita Market includes Cointreau, tequila, and an exclusive Margarita Cocktail Kit with essentials from glasses and salt rim to everything in between. The Market will be open exclusively on Uber Eats in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. and the kit retails for $45, while supplies last.

On Thursday, May 5, those in New York and Los Angeles are invited to visit the Uber Eats x Cointreau Margarita Mobiles, where they can taste The Original Margarita and pick-up The Margarita Cocktail Kit, available for pre-order on The Margarita Market storefront on Uber Eats. RSVP to visit the Uber Eats x Cointreau Margarita Mobiles via the links below:

“The Original Margarita has stood the test of time for generations and has become synonymous with both the summer season and celebrations,” said Ian McLernon, President and CEO at Rémy Cointreau Americas. “Cointreau’s partnership with Uber Eats signals another way for consumers to shake up and enjoy a Margarita of their own as summer approaches, whether they’re hosting from home or stopping by The Margarita Mobile. We’re thrilled to be working with a leader in on-demand delivery to help bring everything you need to mix up a Margarita, right when you need it.”

“Introducing alcohol delivery last year marked yet another way for our consumers to get anything with Uber Eats,” said Georgie Jeffreys, Head of Uber Eats Marketing in the U.S. & Canada. “And as we continue to expand, we’re focused on bringing new and exclusive offerings both in-app and IRL. Our partnership with Cointreau to launch The Margarita Market and Margarita Mobiles offers folks a one-of-a-kind experience to shake up and taste a refreshing, premium cocktail just in time to kick off summer.”

For more information on The Margarita Mobiles and to order The Margarita Cocktail Kit for yourself, head to The Margarita Market storefront on Uber Eats.